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Discussion in 'Trek Tech' started by BorgMan, Jan 11, 2009.

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    *sighs* I'm upgrading the shuttlebay I made for my Hayden class ship, but have a problem: I'm not sure which color denotes what in a shuttlebay. The only real floorplan of a shuttlebay that's around floating on the web is the Enterprise-A's shuttlebay, but that one is old, moreso compared to the shuttlebay of Voyager (EAS has some screenshots, for reference...). Is there anyone out there that has a chart which denotes what all the colors mean? It would help me out big time. Thanks in advance!
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    No such thing exists. However, when decorating the various "real" sets and so forth, contemporary standards were applied.


    "red" lines mean "don't cross this line" or so forth.

    "yellow" lines mean "this line designates where you should be going.

    Beyond that, basically use what seems practical.

    ST markings typically use colors highly visible to the human eye, and in the highest contrasts to boot. So the "landing target" is red and white... "lane markings" are yellow... and so forth. Stay away from blues, greens, etc, for painted markings (especially since the wall and floor colors are typically going to be greys shading towards blues or greens).