Should K'Ehleyr have replaced Troi?

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Should K'Ehleyr have replaced Troi?

  1. Oh Yes! She would have added much to the crew & stories

  2. No, the death was appropriate for the story & Worf's arc

  3. Umm...maybe. Let's discuss it.

  4. Y'know, I never thought about that...

  1. C_Miller

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    One of my "complaints" is that ultimately, Guinan did more counseling than Troi by the time it was all said and done. Look at episodes like Suspicions, Ensign Ro, The Best of Both Worlds, Redemption, Family and hell, in Hollow Pursuits she treats Barclay better than Troi does. Not really a complaint, because Whoopi Goldberg did so well with the role, but she made Troi even more useless than she already was. Guinan did a better job justifying the role of counselor on a ship than any actual counselor has.
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    I don't want to think about character substitution, although I never really found Deanna Troi tridimensional enough. But the OP is right: K'Ehleyr showed immense depth and potential for development in the span of one single episode. It's a shame she hadn't more chances to reappear as a recurring character, much like Garak or Q.

    Besides, Suzie Plakson was the hottest Vulcan ever:

  4. CaptainStoner

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    She was a good actor for star trek. I like the story as-is, because of the sheer awesome of Worf taking off his badge and getting down to business.
    Reprising a Vulcan would have been fun though. One that really offends Troi, and often the rest of the crew, but sometimes in agreement with Worf.
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    She wouldn't have been bland if they didn't bring in Guinan. I love Whoopi Goldberg and I loved Guinan, but that was a big whopping mistake.