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    Here's the changes I would make, though I might be missing some stuff:

    - Alien ships
    - Bajoran:
    'Bajoran fighter' and 'Bajoran raider' should be made one folder, they're the same ship
    - Borg: 'Borg cube' and 'Borg tetragon' are both different concept stages of the First Contact Borg Cube, I'd make them one folder named 'Borg FC cube' or something like that
    - Jem'Hadar 1: The first three images on the 'Jem'Hadar attack vessel' folder are early concepts for the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser, so they should go on that folder. The fourth image should go on the 'battleship' folder. The remaining image is an exploratory concept of the 'Fighter', it should go there
    - Jem'Hadar 2: The first two images in the 'Warship' folder are early concepts for the 'Fighter', should go on that folder. The third image belongs to the 'Battle cruiser' folder
    - Jem'Hadar 3: The final image in the 'Battleship' folder should go on the 'Battle cruiser' folder.
    - Jem'Hadar 4: The 'Dominion ship concept, Curry - 1994 04' image on the 'Alien ships' folder is yet another exploratory concept for what became the JH Fighter
    - Kazon: The two concept images listed as 'unknown' are by Daren Dochterman. He did several concept pieces for the Voyager pilot episode
    - Klingon 1: On the 'Bird of Prey' folder, the third image (the one by Eaves) should be taken out of the folder and into the 'Klingon' one. It's from DS9, for a larger BoP that was never built as they ended up reusing the Negh'Var model from TNG instead.
    - Klingon 2: Images 2 and 3 on the 'Klingon' folder are interior concept sketches for the Bird of Prey, so they should go on that folder. Image 4 on the same folder is an early concept of the 'Vor'cha', should go on that folder.
    - Schimitar: It's written Scimitar. :)
    - Son'a: The first image in the 'Battleship' folder is actually the Scimitar
    - Void ships: The final image in the folder is a repeat on the 'Chaotic Space Hulk' ship, which has its own folder

    - Costumes and characters
    - DS9: The 4th image on the folder goes on the top Costumes folder, as it's part of the same campaign as the other female portraits by Eaves
    - STII - The Wrath of Khan: The first image on the folder belongs on the STIII folder

    - Locations:
    -Ba'Ku: Shouldn't the first image in the folder be better placed in the 'Costumes' folder?
    -Cardassian: The final image in the folder is a concept piece for DS9's ore processing center, should go on the appropriate Space stations>DS9>DS9 interiors folder
    - Earth: The Probert painting (second image) is technically not concept art, but a painting he did for the Ships of the Line calendar in 2009.
    - Planet of the Titans: The first image is actually what the interior of the Enterprise was meant to be, so it should go on the appropriate folder (there doesn't seem to be a folder for the Planet of the Titans Enterprise concepts?)

    - Props: There's a ton in there, and my knowledge isn't as good off the top of my head to get into it lol

    - Shuttles:
    - On the main folder, the fourth image is by Eaves, not Martin. It's on the Final Frontier shuttles. Images 5 and 6 (Kazon shuttle) are by Dochterman. Image 9 should go on the "TMP Shuttle concepts" folder, and that folder should be renamed "Planet of the Titans shuttle concepts"
    - Federation Scoutship: Images 2 and 3 belong on the 'Type 11 shuttle' folder

    - Space stations:
    - On the main folder, you got an image of Farpoint here instead of on the 'Farpoint' folder in 'Locations'. Also, the 5th image is a repeat as it's already found inside the 'Federation' subfolder

    - Starfleet ships:
    - Images 1 and 3 in the main folder are fan designs, I don't know how useful they are here. Image 4 is an early concept art of the Excelsior by Nilo-Rodis, should go on the appropriate subfolder.
    - Cargo ships: The third image is from a Probert painting for the Ships of the Line calendar in 2015
    - Enterprise-A: The folder should be renamed 'Enterprise refit'
    - Enterprise-A interiors: Image 15 in the folder is actually the inside of the travel pod, should go on the appropriate Shuttles>travel pod folder. Image 16 is from the orbital office complex, should go on the Space Stations>orbital office folder.
    - Enterprise - TAS: Already mentioned by @BK613
    - NX era ships: The first three images in the folder are of the Axanar cargo ship, they should have their own folder in the 'Alien ships' section.
    - Picard era: First image is a non-starfleet design, should go on the 'Alien ships' section.
    - Runabout interiors: Images 10 and 11 are concepts for the Santa Maria from DS9:"Paradise", should be in the top 'Starfleet ships' folder.
    - Voyager final: Image 3 on the folder should go on the 'Voyager concepts' folder.
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    Feb 10, 2016
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    Love that TOS style Assault phaser
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    More information regarding some of the Enterprise-D concept pieces. This image was actually done by Probert on his own in 1979, after finishing work on TMP.
    This image and this image were further refinements of the 79 concept, and likewise done on his own time in 1985, before production of TNG started. He then used them as a basis for what became the D in 1986.
    I would suggest placing all three images in a new "Enterprise-D" subfolder like "Enterprise-D precursor concepts" or something like that.
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    I'm currently working on the corrections suggested by @Rekkert and @BK613 as well as additional items from the backlog. Hopefully should have that up soonish.

    This update was somewhat delayed as I had some teething problems with the PC again - this time my 3.5" rotary hard disc (transferred from the old computer) failed. Fortunately all my data (including the archive) was backed up - so no data lost. I've replaced with 2.5" SSD and the PC is now up and running again.
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    The 33" TOS Enterprise model has been located - missing since the 70s. It was apparently found in an auctioned storage unit.
    The model was briefly on ebay before being taken down.

    Full analysis of the model:

    I found this out from a tweet by Alex Perry of trekcore:
    Thread of images from auction:

    All images from the ebay auction of the model will be added to the archive in the next update.
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    DAMN!!! Now THAT is Ark of the Covenant level shit! I have a vague recollection of a story about GR taking it for himself, but totally unsubstantiated. Whose locker was that in, I wonder?

    Looks in pretty good shape for having been stored in a locker for nigh-on 5 decades. I'm hoping it was at least climate controlled to an extent.

    Taken down today. :(
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    I can still see it and downloaded the images. I'm hoping Redgeneral was able to download the images.
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    My mistake. I didn't scroll down initially. Just saw the top banner saying it was ended.
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    All images saved and ready to go in the update.

    Also here is a letter from gene about the model
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    On the Cinerama screen, in glorious Technicolor.
    I saw someone mention Rod Roddenberry had the listing taken down and the model is going to back in the possession of the Roddenberry estate.
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    I'm curious if Rod will have it restored.
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    At the moment all we have is speculation on what is going on behind the scenes. There are no statements at the moment from Rod Roddenberry or any one else.
    I do think that if the model goes to Rod, he would have it restored.
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    I’m baffled how someone would just happen to have that lying around in their storage all that time, and apparently without even really knowing what it is they had. The ebay listing doesn't even mention that it's a screen used model.

    EDIT: Okay, this article clears up that the person putting it up on ebay isn't the one who stored it all those decades.
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    Someone posted a quote in the thread at (linked upthread by @Redgeneral ) that it came out of a storage unit owned by filmmaker Burton Holmes, who died in 1958. However, the company bearing his name continued on in one form or another until at least 1988, according to this timeline.
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    If I am not mistaken, one of the things lawyers do is handle the estates of the deceased...for as long as they can.

    The storage unit probably got this in 1988, where it mouldered and drooped...and was bought up in-the-blind.

    There was even a TV show on folks who buy out the contents of storage units in arrears...sight unseen (Storage Wars).

    This was a close thing...had someone who hated sci-fi bought this stash---it could very easily have gone into a dumpster.

    It has been traveling fifty-nine years to get here...

    Shades of Anton Chigurh's character in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.

    There may be another... wasn't there an ad posted here from Howard Anderson that showed two rows of photos---one of which was a picture of a similar wooden model Enterprise with the NCC registry shove forward?

    That may yet be found.
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    Latest updates to the archive - corrections and new additions
    All links go to folders on the archive.

    Concept Art Corrections (with thanks to @Rekkert and @BK613 for all these corrections)
    - Baku Villager moved to aliens
    - New folder in Enterprise TOS -> "Making of Star Trek" with images which were mislabelled as TAS
    - New folder in "Enterprise D" -> "Enterprise-D ship concepts" -> "Enterprise-D precursor concepts" with Probert sketches made between TMP and TNG
    - "Enterprise-A" is now "Enterprise Refit"
    - Travel pod interior moved to "Shuttlecraft" -> "Travel pod"
    - Orbital Office interior moved to "Space Stations" -> "Orbital Office"
    - Mislabelled O'berth relabelled as "Excelsior concept by Nilo-Rodis" and put in Excelsior concepts
    - "Axanar Cargo ship" folder now in Alien ships
    - Moved Voyager concept from "Voyager final" into "Voyager concepts"
    - Farpoint moved to Locations
    - Removed duplicates
    - Removed two fan design images
    - Renamed Scimitar
    - Image moved from Sona Battleship to Scimitar
    - Scorpion is now its own alien ship folder and not a sub folder of Scimitar
    - Shuttles (2 images assigned to Dochterman, 1 assigned to Eaves, Planet of the Titans folder, 2 images moved from "scoutship" to "type 11")
    - Santa maria interiors now in starfleet ships
    - New folder - "ships of the line" all identified images moved here
    - Image renamed "DS9 ore processing" and moved to DS9 folder
    - 7of 9 ship moved to alien ships
    - New Folder "Enterprise - Planet of the Titans" - Enterprise interior moved there
    - Costumes (Scotty moved to STIII, Ferengi female moved to costumes)
    - Void ship -> chaotic space hulk
    - Bajoran fighter merged into Bajoran raider
    - First Contact Borg Cube concepts merged into one folder
    - Kavon images attributed to Daren Dochterman
    - Unbuilt concept DS9 large BOP moved
    - Klingon Vorcha concept moved to folder
    - Klingon Bridge images moved to BOP folder
    - Jemhadar curry concept moved to fighter
    - Jemhadar battlecruiser image moved rom battleship to batttlecruiser
    - Jemhadar warship images moved to other jemhadar folders
    - Jemhadar attack ship images moved to other jemhadar folders

    Physical Models - Corrections
    Type Galileo
    - The small blue painted Galileo is now titled "Post-film casting" - body is reportedly a casting from the mould made after filming. However all nacelles, struts, and detailing is made from scratch and is inaccurate to film models.
    Honestly I am tempted to remove this folder altogether as it is so far removed from the actual used props.


    Concept Art

    From @NervousEnergy image collection:
    Enterprise - Planet of the Titans folder
    Enterprise - Phase II folder

    - Picard Cargo ship ["Starfleet ships" - > "Picard era" folder]

    - Voyager Title Sequence storyboard ["Storyboards" -> "Voyager" images Title 1 - 11]

    Physical models

    Earlier this week the 33 inch Enterprise model resurfaced - the photos from the aborted auction are archived
    Thanks to Alex Perry for alerting us to this auction
    Archive Folder: TOS 33 Auction
    Original auction:

    From @NervousEnergy image collection:
    - USS Curry ["Curry" folder images 11 - 15 ]
    - Daedalus ["Daedalus" folder images 22 - 26]

    Models, images of photos, and slides from the Greg Jein collection auction (auction linked to by @batboy853 )
    - Vger Study Model ["Study models" folder - Vger Study model 01 & Vger Study model 02 ]
    - Botany Bay - Size 44" x 18" x 12.25" ["Botany bay" folder images 27 - 37 ]
    - Enterprise C nacelles - Size 16" x 3.25" x 3" [new folder "Nacelles" in "Enterprise C" ]
    - Maquis Raider - Size 21.25" x 31" x 5" ["Marquis Raider" folder images 5 - 10 ]
    - Stargazer image and slides [added to "Stargazer" as image 42 & 43 ]
    - Romulan warbird image and slides [added to "Romulan warbird" as images 76 & 77 ]
    - Klingon NeghVar image and slides [added to "Klingon NeghVar" as image 93-95]
    - Galor image and slides [added to "Cardassian Galor and Keldon" -> "Galor" as images 42 & 43]
    - Ferengi Dkora image and slides [added to "Ferengi Dkora" as image 6 & 7]
    - Miranda class image and slides [added to "Miranda Class" as images 90-92]
    - Bonaventure image and slides [new folder "Bonadventure"]
    - Small Galileo type model - no size given but appears to the small model [new folder "Small Galileo" in "Type Galileo"]
    - Type F Galileo - Size 22" x 14" x 9." ["Type F" folder images 23-29]
    - Type 6 shuttle - Size 22.5" x 13" x 10." ["Type 6" folder images 20-27]
    - Type 7 shuttle - Size 17" x 12" x 6." ["Type 7" folder images 11-19]
    - Surak shuttle - Size 32.5" x 17.5" x 8.5" ["Surak" folder images 17-26]
    - Klingon Phase II - Size 20" x 28" x 7" [new folder "Klingon Phase II"]
    - Ktinga Nacelle - Size 32" x 37" x 16" [new folder "Ktinga Nacelle" in "Klingon KTinga"]
    - TNG Ktinga (TNG Emissary) - Size 20.25" x 28" x 7" [new folder "TNG Ktinger" in "Klingon Ktinga" ]
    - Voyager Prototype - Size 35" x 11" x 6.25", base 6" x 7" x 3.5" [new folder "Prototype B" in "Voyager Prototype"]

    I am told that the TNG:Emissary Ktinga on screen was stock footage, so I am not sure where the ship made by Greg Jein was used.

    The Greg Jein Voyager Prototype model is a different than the one we already have in archive. In addition to the increase in detail, small alterations to the design have taken place. I feel this is a probably later stage model. As such I have placed each version in its own folder within Voyager Prototype.

    Model photos from
    - Various single photos of Greg Jein items (Type 6, Type Galileo, Botany Bay, TNG Ktinga, Klingon Phase II, and Botanny bay - see folders above)
    - USS Buran - Size 12" x 8" x 4" ["Challenger" folder images 6-16]
    - Vger Mind meld - Size 38.25" x 109" x 39.5" [new "Vger Mind meld" folder]
    - TOS D7 ["Klingon D7" folder images 09 - 42 ]
    - Phoenix ["Phoenix" folder images 167 - 178 ]
    - Trelka V ["Trelka V" folder images 3 - 20 ]
    - Tribbles D7 ["Tribbles" -> "Tribbles D7" images 42 - 61 ]
    - Tribbles Enterprise ["Tribbles" -> "Tribbles Enterprise" images 34 - 41 ]
    - Tribbles K7 ["Tribbles" -> "Tribbles K7 station" images 35 & 36 ]
    - Future Enterprise third nacelle ["Enterprise D" -> "Future Enterprise D" images 24 - 31 ]
    - Way of the Warrior DS9 Pilon [new folder "Weapons Pilon" ]
    - Enterprise B / Lakota ["Excelsior" -> "Excelsior Refit" images 188 - 211 ]
    - Caretaker array [new folder "Caretaker Array" ]
    - Refit Enterprise ["Enterprise Refit" images 893 - 925 ]

    Models from Propstore auction
    - 1/2 Scale model of TMP bridge console ["Set models" -> "TMP Bridge Console" folder ]
    - Vger Mind meld model ["Vger" -> "Mind Meld scene" folder images 15 - 28 ]

    From unknown / forgotten sources
    - Refit Enterprise ["Enterprise Refit" images 926 - 942 ]
    - Space Dock study model C ["Study models" Images C 4 - 19 ]
    - Epsilon 9 ["Epsilon 9" Images 2 - 4 ]

    "Trouble with tribbles" Enterprise miniature (likely AMT kit based) - Rekkert pointed out this was probably used in the office shot (I've included Rekkert's screen capture)
    Folder: Tribble model

    Ship Plaques

    From the Greg Jein collection (thanks to @batboy853 )
    - Enterprise E Insurrection 13.75 x 10 inches (note: listed as First Contact, but text matches one we have listed as Insurrection)

    Matte painting

    Matte paintings folder

    Earth TMP (dry dock scene) 3 images


    From the Greg Jein collection "LCARS - Movie Era" (thanks to @batboy853 ):
    - System Diagnostics
    - Warp Prop System
    - Subspace comm net
    - COM Panel
    - ATA Panel
    - OPS A
    - OPS B
    - Refit Ship Display ("LCARS - Movie Era" > "ship Display" folder)

    From the Propstore auction (thanks to @batboy853 ):
    - Voyager mess hall replicator ("LCARS - Voyager" folder)
    - Data wall ("LCARS - TNG" folder)


    Still got a lot of LCARS, Concept art and Physical Models still to post. I'm slowly chipping away at the backlog - additional upload posts soonish
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