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    Looks like two different sizes? The top image you can see both sizes on the panels facing the camera. I'm guessing on the second image they just used only the larger sticker size...
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    Yeah, on that specific corridor corner, the labels were changed to use only the large sized ones later on in the series.
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    Off-topic because Babylon 5, maybe...but it's certainly a legitimate sidebar to our discussions here! Thank you for pointing this out!
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    Has anyone seen blueprints for the transporter portals we see in Picard? They're not much, I know, but I'd love some details...
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    Best I could find
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    If only I had that for a doorway--no bloody car.
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    So is there still no sign of any set plans coming off Beyond?

    (I'm terrible at figuring out scaling and want to do something with franklin's layout.)
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    I've not been here since start of June as I had another health flare-up. I've been uploading the various stuff that has built up over time and I will start posting the links, but probably over multiple posts.

    Galaxy project - well I didn't make the eta of end of June. Starting to get back to it - but I will be making a slight change of plans. Basically I will finish off the stuff that is currently in the blueprint stage, but items still in modelling will be bumped to the next version. For example, the Hathaway warp core and conduits will be in, but the Hathaway engineering room will be delayed.
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    May 9, 2014
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    Matt Painting update

    Vger stones -

    Panorama Update

    ST:2009 Corridor panorama images (stills)
    Corridor Pan 01 -
    Corridor Pan 02 -
    Corridor Pan 03 -
    Corridor Pan 04 -
    Corridor Pan 05 -
    Corridor Pan 06 -
    Corridor Pan 07 -
    Corridor Pan 08 -

    source: Hard disc find - probably screenshotted from website years ago. Naming not consistent with position order.
    I vaguely remember you could pan around a section and then click to move to next part (makes me think of Myst).

    Concept art Updates

    Concept Art - People

    Kirk TWOK by Robert Fletcher

    Strange New Worlds Characters / Costumes
    Adya -
    Alora 01 -
    Alora 02 -
    Alora 03 -
    Alora 04 -
    Brix -
    Captain Vasso -
    Deleb 01 -
    Deleb 02 -
    Elder Gamal -
    Hemmer -
    Officiant -
    Shepard -
    Spock Formal Wear -
    T Pring 01 -
    T Pring 02 -
    Thalia and Runa -
    Uhura -
    (Thanks to @Rekkert for the find)

    NX space suit 01 -
    NX space suit 02 -
    Source: Hard disk find

    Concept art - Ships and Interiors
    Strange New Worlds
    Glass etching 1 -
    Glass etching 2 -

    ST: Into Darkness
    Lobby Concept 01 -
    Lobby Concept 02 -
    Lobby Concept 03 -
    Lobby Concept 04 -
    Lobby Concept 05 -
    Lobby Concept 06 -
    Lobby Concept 07 -
    Lobby Concept 08 -
    Lobby Concept 09 -
    Lobby Concept 10 -
    Lobby Concept 11 -
    Lobby Concept 12 -

    ST: Beyond Engineering 01 -
    ST: Beyond Engineering 02 -
    ST: Beyond Saucer Interior -
    ST: Beyond Saucer Mechanism -
    ST: Beyond Saucer separator room -
    Source: Trekcore

    Akira Concept 01 -
    Akira Concept 02 -
    Akira Concept 03 -
    Akira Concept 04 -

    NX enterprise (higher res) -

    Communicator Fighter -
    Relativity -

    Ferengi Marauder underside -

    ST: Beyond shuttle concept 01 -
    ST: Beyond shuttle concept 02 -
    Source: Trekcore

    ST: Into Darkness ship scale -

    Discovery concept art
    Cawley class -
    Courage and orbiter class -
    Vostok class -

    Discovery prototype concept A
    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -

    Discovery prototype concept B
    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -
    5 -
    6 -
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    May 9, 2014
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    CGI models update

    CGI models are not my area of expertise, so this has had some problems. Album folders with unclear names, and items that I mistook for TV/Movie production.

    CGI Folders have now been reorganised:

    CGI models - TV Movie production ( )
    (Models made for TV series / Movie only)
    Previously named "Production Used CGI models"​
    CGI models - Picard ( )
    (Ships and their concept art from the Picard Series)
    Previously named "Picard ships"​
    CGI models - Other Media ( )
    (Books, Eaglemoss models, etc. , but no game models as way too extensive)
    New Folder​


    TV Movie production
    • Wireframe renders of the SNW Enterprise (
    • Akira - Replaced all with much higher resolution images and also new images added (stra-tek.tumblr)
    • Mirror Darkly Defiant (stra-tek.tumblr)
    • Norway Class
    • Sabre Class
    • Steamrunner Class
    • Multispatial Probe image
    • Archive from TNG:Masks (Memory alpha)
    • Andorian cruiser (Pierre Drolet)
    • Arctic One (Pierre Drolet)
    • Arkonian Patrol Ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Arkonian Ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Communicator Fighter (Pierre Drolet)
    • Discovery Klingon Cleave (Pierre Drolet)
    • Discovery Klingon Raider (Pierre Drolet)
    • Enolian Patrol ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Enolian Shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Enolian Transport (Pierre Drolet)
    • Enterprise NX (Pierre Drolet)
    • Ferengi Shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Fortunate (Pierre Drolet)
    • Fraddock ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Friendship 1 (Pierre Drolet)
    • Kago ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Klingon D5 tanker (Pierre Drolet)
    • Klingon Raptor (Pierre Drolet)
    • Klingon transport (Pierre Drolet)
    • Menos ship (John Eaves)
    • Menos ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Nausicaan Fighter (Pierre Drolet)
    • NX Columbia (Pierre Drolet)
    • Orion Interceptor (Pierre Drolet)
    • Retelian Freighter ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Romulan senate (Doug Drexler)
    • Romulan senate (Pierre Drolet)
    • Shenzhou (Pierre Drolet)
    • Suliban Cargo Ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Suliban Shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Takret vessel (Pierre Drolet)
    • Tandaran Fighter (Pierre Drolet)
    • Tellarite shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Tret vessel (John Eaves)
    • Tret vessel (Pierre Drolet)
    • Triannon (John Eaves)
    • Triannon (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vissian ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vissian StratoPod (Pierre Drolet)
    • Voyager - Armoured (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vulcan DKyr (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vulcan Shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vulcan Vahlas (Pierre Drolet)
    • Vulkan Survey ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi assault suttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi Bomber (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi cargo shuttle (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi Insectoid ship (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi Insectoid Type (Pierre Drolet)
    • Xindi Primate ship (Pierre Drolet)
    Other media
    • Meshweavers Eaglemoss models (lots)
    • Raven Eaglemoss model (ex astris scientia)
    • Arcos Freighter Eaglemoss model (ex astris scientia)
    • Added Ships of the line - Large Yellow tug (unknown source)
    • Copernicus station and Olympia suttle (Borg Invashon 4D - memory alpha)
    • Meshweaver Steamrunner
    • Replaced Gagarin with higher resolution images (hero collector blog)
    • Excellsior II images

    The Strange New World Enterprise wireframe renders were used to create the user interfaces, however it has been stated that it is the same model used for the space scenes.
    Wireframe Sources:

    Pierre Drolet model sources: and
    Most of his models have been re-rendered against a desert

    Mirror Darkly Defiant Source:

    Akira Source:

    Meshweaver model renders source:

    Arcos Freighter source:

    Picard Excellsior II source:

    @Rekkert has identified a few models that were not used in any Star Trek production and so have been removed:
    Both the Centaur and Drexler's Stargazer were used in book covers and so have been moved to the "Other Media" folder.

    Due the amount of additions to CGI models - TV Movie production, I will point out the "download" button at the top right of the folder - it looks like a cloud with a downwards arrow.
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    May 9, 2014
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    Blueprint Updates

    (warning very large images)

    Stargazer Bridge
    Bridge A -
    Bridge B -
    Bridge C -
    Bridge D -
    Bridge E -

    Stargazer Observation Lounge
    Observation Lounge A -
    Observation Lounge B -
    Observation Lounge C -

    Pavilion Stage A -
    Pavilion Stage B -

    Borq Queen
    Borg Queen Container A -
    Borg Queen Container B -
    Borg Queen Container C -
    Borg Queen Container D -
    Borg Queen Container E -
    Borg Queen Container F -
    Borg Queen Container G -
    Borg Queen Container H -
    Borg Queen Container I -

    Source for Stargazer Bridge, Stargazer Observation Lounge, Pavilion, and Borg Queen:

    Isolinear chips
    Bridge iso mount -
    Iso concept A -
    Iso concept B -
    Iso concept C -
    Source: forgot to write down

    Leaflet blueprints (thanks to @Rekkert for finding these)
    Reinforced door -
    Bridge Standing Console -

    La sirena helm A -
    La Sirena Helm B -
    Quantum archive concept -
    These helm blueprints replace a smaller version in the archive

    Picard Location blueprints
    Location 01 - Aia -
    Location 02 - Vashti -
    Location 03 - Vashti -
    Location 04 - Riker Cabin -
    Location 05 - Nightclub -
    Location 06 - Synth world -
    These replace smaller versions already in the archive

    Picard La sirena Light fixture -
    Artifact work light -
    Quantum Archive doorway -

    Picard library model -

    Star Trek Reboot

    ST: Beyond Bridge
    Bridge 01 -
    Bridge 02 -
    Bridge 03 -
    Bridge 04 -
    Bridge 05 -

    ST: Beyond Manual Release Room
    Manual 01 -
    Manual 02 -

    ST: Into Darkness (warning large image)
    Corridor Alcove -
    Note: it also gives the radii for the curved corridor walls

    ST: Into Darkness Warp Core
    Warp A -
    Warp B -
    Warp C -
    (B and C are large versions replacing existing images)
    Added to (, we seem to have almost the entire interior warp core

    ST: Into Darkness Warp core renders
    Warp render A -
    Warp render B -
    Warp render C -
    Source: found on hard disk

    ST: Into Darkness
    Kirk Apartment section -
    New version replacing smaller image


    Voyager blueprints (group 1)
    Bridge ceiling -
    Bridge viewscreen wall -
    Bridge back wall -
    Conference walls -
    Corridor -
    Junior Quarters bathroom -


    We already have the viewscreen wall and backwall, but these images include red annotations.

    Voyager (group 2)
    Bridge, conference and ready room -
    Cargo label -
    Dedication -
    Caretaker Injector -
    Caretaker Injector mounting diagram -
    Source: I scanned the "Official star trek voyager magazine" issue 1
    The bridge blueprint gives dimensions for the two adjacent rooms.

    Voyager Shuttlebay
    A -
    B -

    We already have a version of this scanned from a book. Just including in case the numbers are clearer.


    Star Trek the Tour TNG Bridge
    Source: unknown (hard disc find)
    Actually large enough to see the dimensions.

    Troi office
    Source: unknown (hard disc find)
    Larger version of a previous image.

    TNG Relics and Ds9 Tribbles
    Bridge side consoles A -
    Bridge side consoles B -
    Relics Command Chair -
    Relics Helm -
    The Relics sheets seem to have been copied from Michael McMaster bridge blueprints.
    The Relics Helm has "Tribbles" pencilled in - so reused for the latter.


    NX Engineering
    Concept art and floor blueprint -
    Floor blueprint alone -
    (Source: Display at Star Trek: The Tour)

    Suliban Cell ship interior
    A -
    B -
    C -
    D -

    Suliban corridor
    A -

    That should be everything caught up on...
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    That's an amazing update, thanks for all the hard work! Also, hope you are doing better now and stay that way.
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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    I've wanted that Kelvinverse bridge set plan for 13 years:techman:
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    Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better.
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    It explains a lot, I was never quite sure how the Kelvin pods fit in, but now seeing the layout, and watching the movie more closely, I see each one is set up like a PEZ dispenser, so someone gets in the pod, the door closes, it launches, and another pod takes its place behind the door. I couldn't figure out where they were hiding five or six of them on the bridge before.
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    Sol III
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    That is absolutely incredible! Wow!
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    Those are fascinating, thank you for sharing.