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    The discs will also include English audio but yes: according to information from other german dealers the originally announced italian, french and spanisch audio isn't included for this blu-ray release of season 3 anymore.

    So this season 3 release and the comming season 4 release both will include english and german audio only. A bit strange to forget about at least the french and spanish speaking fans as they are also relevant in North America and not just Europe. But making sense of Paramounts/CBS' international distribution of physical media has become a hopeless undertaking in the last couple of years.
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    Its not strange,they even don't release strange new worlds in Spain.... The only markets they want are usa,Germany and uk.
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    ~ Oh, thank the Koala! [​IMG] Must go and pre-order now!

    EDIT: Aaaaargh! It's a penny cheaper at £19.99 at HMV, but to qualify for free delivery you have to spend £20! I try not to buy from Amazon, so I'm going to have to search for something else from HMV.

    EDIT 2: Phew! They have click & collect.
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