Spoilers Season 3 and Calypso timeline

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    So if Discovery is now in year 3189 (2259+930) and Calypso takes place 1000 year after Discovery is abandoned, we could be looking at year 4189 (42nd century!) for the Short Trek timeline! That's of course assuming no more time travel shenanigans. Interesting..
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    The abandonment depicted in "CALYPSO" could have been one of the various alternate timelines Burnham's mother spoke about. Remember Zora stated they hid the ship in that Nebula/Anomaly and everyone was ordered to abandon it. They may have even attempted to destroy in but failed; and went through another method of delaying 'Control'; which obviously worked as there are still lifeforms in the Galaxy.

    I kniow teh author stated the people/entity Craft's people wer fighting were the Federation; but perhaps it's The Federation under 'Control's' control. ;)
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    Maybe after Stamets dies, Culber will snap, declare himself Future Guy, and start a Temporal Cold War to prevent any of this from ever happening (He's a doctor, not a historian, so he didn't already know his plan was doomed to failure as he didn't read about Archer much in history class).

    Discovery is abandoned while the crew go off to fight in this Temporal Cold War.

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    Or Admiral Janeway finally got access to top secret docs from 23rd century.
    Season 3 is her using Klingon time travel tech from late 24th century chasing after Discovery through the time streams so she can "borrow" Stamets and the Spore Drive for just long enough to get Voyager home right as soon as they got to the Delta Quadrant. In order to hide from Red, sorry, I mean Janeway, they'll hide the ship in the future future where she can't somehow reach it.
    I'd watch that :techman: