Say goodbye to the police box...

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Chris3123, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Pissed off or not, please do not use "cunt" in any context.
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    ^ :lol: brilliant
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    Is that the new tardis exterior? Id watch that...

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    In other news, from now on, the action in the series "Downton Abbey" will all take place on the London Underground. Silly Bunts.
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    Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.
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    How about a Port-o-John
    It would look perfect in a quarry...
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    But in all seriousness - it would be nice to see the standard Police Box take on a slightly new look from time to time - I mean it's anachronism is part of its charm, but like if they're say in the old west, then it'd look all bare wood instead of blue, or in the middle ages it could look more rustic, in the future, it could be like steel or something. I know the alledged cut to the bone budget is there but still, not like it takes that much to make a 4x4 box that's big enough for two people to walk out of together. Maybe they could joke that "well it used to change into an organ... but I suppose it will do."
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    Although it was a joke I would have no problem if they ditched the police box exterior at least occasionally. Let the Doctor fix the damn chameleon circuit, he can still use the police box as a standard setting because after a few hundred years it grew on him but if it makes sense to disguise the Tardis, flip a switch and *poof* it's a tree.