Samantha Carter, Did Atlantis destroy her character?

^"Trio" wasn't exactly a nuclear physics competition. Carter makes McKay look like a total idiot in that episode.

If it was a nuclear physics competition, McKay would win but his experiment would probably be a lot more dangerous than anything Carter would mess around with. McKay is a fraction smarter than Carter, but he takes dangerous, arrogant risks. Carter is wiser.
Indeed, and McKay has admitted as much.
Oh dear god what the feck is wrong with you people? I know that the actress who plays Samantha Carter is probably an amazing human being and a really lovely person, BUT! Stargate Atlantis was a spectacular success, only about a TRILLION times better than the massively tedious (though occasionally quite interesting) SG1, ANYhoo, the whole point of Stargate Atlantis was to be an utterly brilliant show, the secondary reason for it's being was that it was eleventy-billion times better than its progenitor, and dear god, I had to swallow my own eyeballs out of boredom when Samantha Carter was suddenly AND INCONGRUOUSLY introduced to Atlantis, she was judgmental, eye-rolling AND eye-rollingly rude, and out of place in such a bright, smart and UTTERLY well-conceived environment. Anyone who thinks she was too good for Atlantis deserves to be jettisoned into the sun for their COMPLETE inability to understand subtlety and beauty. For example, they probably like (as decor) white walls, and have an either black OR white leather sofa, with some SMALL-TO-MEDIUM-sized BRIGHT RED cushions for 'a pop of colour'! (facepalm) Dear Dog, save us from any dunderheaded human being who thinks small to medium red cushions for a 'pop of colour' are a good idea. I rest in justification with a bunch of glorious mother-flipping ZED PMs already. Peace (sort-of) out ... <3