Sacred Ground

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    I have watched this episode quite a few times and I really enjoy it. Both the theme of religious faith vs scientific analysis, it develops Janeway's character and background.

    I also liked the robe she wears and Janeway having her hair down-gave her a softer less harsh look Janeway had in the early seasons.

    I also like the music.

    What is everyone else's opinions on this episode? I really like it.
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  2. 2takesfrakes

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    I am particularly fond of this episode, as well. Unfortunately, it was not going to be Chakotay who guided Kathryn to a spiritual enlightenment, but rather another funny-nosed species that seemed to permeate and dominate every corner of the Galaxy in the 24th Century. It was also very interesting how it demonstrated that, despite her own belief in being open-minded, she was extremely stubborn about not picking up on what the Celestial Spirits were trying to explain to her. She just wouldn't let herself get it and then, when she'd worn herself out with her insistence on handling things as she was, finally, she gets the message. It was smartly written, but Robert Duncan McNeill's direction paces things a little too slowly, at times.

    I love that it's Kes' life who Kathryn's trying to save, here, because Kes always followed Janeway around like a puppy, and was almost a surrogate daughter to the good captain, in some ways. It was almost like a mother's love is what it took to open Kathryn's mind. In a way, it was like she became Born Again, learning to see with new eyes, as it were. And these aliens were painted fairly thin, in this script, there's not much there to go on. Just a sort of Zen atmosphere and 3 old people on a bench who are just there to egg Janeway on, basically. But it's still a very effective episode. I just wish Chakotay could've been a part of it.
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    This is usually an episode I skip.
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    I like it. Sorry if that's not more in depth at the moment but :techman:
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    I found it interesting how she basically tortures herself because of her preconceived notions of initiations. She is too closed minded in the beginning to understand the 'task' is simply to sit down and make a 'connection' with her spiritual side.

    My main regret is that the entire story line was dropped and never visited again in the series. It was wash, rinse, oh heck just forget it. Frustrating because it could have led to some interesting moments for Chakotay and Janeway as the series progressed.
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    Frustrating because it could have led to some interesting moments for Chakotay and Janeway as the series progressed.

    Yes, she seemed genuinely interested and respectful of Chakotay's spirituality. I would have liked to seen a conversation or connection between the two on the subject.
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    Didn't like the way the "message" of the episode ('there may be more to the world than science, you know!', or at that least Janeway learns this 'lesson') was brought to us. However, this particular bit you describe was a nice touch imho.
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    I do wish Chakotay was more involved, However the story required a skeptic so he would have not fit the Janeway role.
    the events of this episode could have lead to a natural follow up to the spirit animal introduction; in fact, I always wished they had added a few more scenes' with Janeway and her Newt :)
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    Not an absolute favorite but still good to watch. It clearly shows that Janeway cares about her crew and is ready to sacrifice herself for her crewmembers.

    I don't have any objections to the message that there's more than just science because science can't explain everything.

    I must agree with those who thinks that Chakotay is to sceptical here. That role would have suited Tuvok better.
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