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Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by DRACO, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. DRACO

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    Jun 9, 2004
    I was thinking of how great it would be if there was an opensource Star Trek simulator.

    I figure theres a big enough fan base out there that it could really work out.

    however, it would be an immensely complicated project and I can't do it on my own.

    theres allot to be worked out and unless I can get some partners, I'm probably not even going to try.

    theres so many things to be down, ship meshes,ship stats, universal engine, milky way layout, interface......

    I'd like to keep the base releases with cannon ships and then provide various add-on ships for those who want them.

    we could even have a fleet mode like Armada, where you have to build your own ships.

    also, I will only list add-on ships that follow the design principals of Gene Roddenberry (basically only applies to federation ships XD)

    however, you can always produce thease mods and host without the official listing.

    basically, requirements are tough, but they have to if this is going to work out :)

    EDIt: anybody know how to get the cubed character, I've tried numerous ways to no avail.
  2. Baker

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    Nov 10, 2007
    Try running down to Microsoft headquarters in the new year. Bound to be a few unemployed programmers looking for some work. In my experience if you have more than two or three working together, it costs you more time talking and co-ordinating what you have all done than you save just gettting it done yourself. How much code do you plan on scripting? Is it JavaScript?
  3. Worf412

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    I see this going places! :)
  4. Ronald Held

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    Feb 21, 2005
    On the USS Sovereign
    Yes with enough programmers.
  5. DRACO

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    Jun 9, 2004
    umm... it would be volunteer based :/

    and we don't need to go overboard with ships.

    first of all is the core engine and interface :/
  6. DRACO

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    Jun 9, 2004
    ehh seems dead at the moment, but maybe, like I said, ships could be added later, what we need to do is figure out what all we want to incorporate in the engine and how to make it adaptable so we can add on instead of re-writing the whole thing...

    it's project of mine, not sure when it will really go into motion, there's allot I need to learn to pull it off, eventially I want it to be so comprehensive as to cover things like shield and weapons frequency, advanced power distribution (ie rerouting power from say the engines to weapons, shields ect.), advanced sensor options, particle simulation, manipulating universal constants and annomlies, pretty much anything that could affect the operation of a starship or anything it does...

    but I don't see any reason why you couldn't do mission scripts or campagin scripts putting you into certain situations with specific goals, like a game, with immense simulating power,

    you could even add ships from other universes say like from Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica, but you'd have to make a guidline for comparing them, the good thing is, being open source, people could easily make their own mods and ships to import, in fact, I don't see why it shouldn't be made to incourage this, strength in numbers you know? if you have a community of users who help make the ships,missions, add whatever content they want, then all you really have to to do to get it up and going is the core program with some content, and focus on the core, which will give us time to work on and create a powerfull simulation engine, allow community invovlement, promote creativity, provide virtually endless possibilities and allow for a system of management that should be not only very productive but also, flexible with the ability to continue to mature into something more complex...

    especially if, instead of just ships and mission scripts, we allow creation of new weapon and technology files as well as moduales what allow you to change or automatically associate universal variables and constants based on certain inputs, so when say you hit a warp factor, using forumlaes calculating universal contants, and the design and all of your ship, would calculate stress levels....energy comsumption ect. based on preset values, , and modules that allow the actions you make to affect them...

    for example....

    U = preset values for our universe, speed of light, density of certain materials, whatever....

    M = modual that applies certain changes, say a certain amount of gravity on a planet of a certain density and size as calculated by U, and the anti-gravity on another obect where M, takes the change, or setting of Anti-gravity and changes that obects weight in U in relation to the new gravity value of the obect so..

    if U = engine and M=module

    U caclulates planet gravity, user sets level of anti-grav on another obect with a set gravity


    M clculates anti-grav (resistence value, modifier ect.)

    so the moduals would modify the results by affecting base values (hope i'm not overly repeating myself here) based on what the technology would do, so the M would take your inputs for say all the values needed for warp drive, run the warp theory formulas and then temperarly apply the chanes needed to the engine to get the variables you'd need to make it work...

    so as you can tell, huge proect, the hard part is working on the engine, and hiring people to help doesn't work well if you can't afford it and if you call it Star Trek Ship Simulator, or include any copyrighted ship designs,ect.,you cant charge for it to cover that so...

    it would have to either be a volunteer project or

    called something different and include no ships or anything copyrighted, and then the users would have to make those files and upload them...

    and, its something I really want to do, but in all honesty, the sheer amount of work and technical nohow may be a bit much, at least at this point, untill I get for familiar with programming languages with this kind of capability...

    but heres something neat....

    say the engine stores its default values in a file or DB or whatever but you can select which one to load...

    then you can simulate say our universe, fluidic space, anything you can really imagine, and have your ship even travel betwenn them....