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Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by Levi, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Have you ever or do you RP?

    I remember when Star Trek Play-By-Email sites we're popular. The they moved to Forum style play. Now you can RP with games like STO.
    But I still find a lot of sites online that seem to be running current and are all still PbEM and/or PbBBM. However, despite many sites, they all only seem to have a select number of individual members.

    So I am just curious, do you or have you ever done RPing?
    What did you like or not like about it? What is your overall view about RPing in this sense?*
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    I've been roleplaying as my main hobby since 1977, just three years after Gygax and Arneson invented the hobby. I own probably fifty to sixty RPGs, though I primarily play HERO System (Champions, Star Hero, Fantasy Hero, Pulp Hero/Justice Inc.), Deadlands, GURPS, Feng Shui and a couple of others.

    I'm setting up background and such for a Trek game using HERO System. If there's anyone in the Des Moines area, let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know when I'm going to start it up.
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    My sig has my answer. :)
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    I have run RPG's for over 30 years, about ten of which has been the Star Trek universe. Broken down to mostly StarFleet or StarFleet Intelligence, but about two years of Klingons.

    Imho RPG's are the most versatile, free form and creative flights of imagination out there. They beat computer games hands down since they are not pre-programmed with a limited number of results, they are as varied as the imagination of the person running them live.

    My ST RPGs have always been played with the FASA rules and background, which again imho is great for TOS or the earlier films, but falls off with TNG onwards.

    The only drawback is that one person needs to run, create and imagine the game, while the remainder of the group play the characters. I have fulfilled the one person role (GM -GamesMaster) for most of my RPG time and always found it fun, challenging and exciting to do, but it is not for everyone!

    However, if you find (or become) a GM then the game can commence.
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    There are GM-less RPGs that would be suitable for Trek. The most prominent, Fiasco, I believe has been used in Star Trek settings, although they are not based on the idea of a ship with a crew who are an adventuring party.