Roddenberry, Solow, & Justman

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    May 22, 2013
    Too bad he didn't. It would have given TNG's characters more depth. I always found the Terrans seemed more alien than the aliens on TNG.
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    Mar 8, 2001
    Roddenberry made most of his living for a number of years on the college speakers' circuit. I saw him several times. I think it was during that time when he honed the personna that he'd present to fandom for the next several decades by enlarging on the image he and Whitfield created in The Making Of Star Trek: the idealist, the skeptical and independent thinker rebelling against the mediocrity of corporate groupthink in Hollywood and defying authority. His sure-fire applause lines included stuff like "I believe that all of you are much smarter than the executives in the studio boardrooms."

    You can imagine that was just tailored for the college crowd in '72, '73, '74...basically, GR got good at flattering the audiences who paid his bills.
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    That sound dubious. What the source of this supposed "FU"?
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    It's not dubious, it's completely untrue.

    Piller was in the normal process of renegotiating his contract, and he later said that he invested some of his thinking about that in Riker's behavior in this story. Early in the period when this was written it was possible that Stewart and/or Spinner might leave, and the storyline took that into account. But there was no "FU" or general rebellion there.

    People seem unaware of the story vetting and script development process on shows like this. The image of a gaggle of staff writers shoving a script through the mail slot on a Friday and leaving production in the lurch while they hit Hamburger Hamlet for magaritas is ridiculous.