RIP Panic! at the Disco

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    Brendon Urie, the only original member left in the band, has decided to pull the plug on it, as he enters a new chapter in his life.

    NPR Story

    As fans go, I'm definitely on the older end, having discovered them way back in the early 2000s. I've been an uber fan and have seen them twice. I like to joke that when my wife and I saw them in 2019, it was us, four tipsy blond moms and about 10,000 of our favorite tweens in the audience. What started out as an emo-pop band, Panic! evolved over the years, culminating in last year's successful album, "Viva Las Vengeance," which plays more like a Broadway Musical than an indie rock addition to their catalogue.

    I look at bands like Panic! and My Chemical Romance as a big reason my daughter and I are so close. I introduced the bands to her when she was very young and they went on to define her musical tastes. For that, I will always be grateful to both bands. Sadly, my daughter has no fondness for Marillion. :wah::rommie:

    I'm sure Brendon will go back to making music at some point, but even though Panic! has been basically become a solo act for him, I will miss the brand.
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    In a world filled with way, way, WAY too much pop music dominating the musical landscape (the reason I don't listen to the radio anymore except for one station occasionally) this is sad news indeed.
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