RIP Harold Ramis

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    He may be a prima donna jackass, but he's also doing the best work of his life and career in those movies with Wes Anderson and any other independent director around. The thing is (to me) he didn't seem interested in doing any more Ghostbusters movies anyway, judging by the way he was in the second movie (not rearing the uniform, wooing Sigourney Weaver at a restaurant above while the rest of the guys are in a deep old subway tunnel below looking for mood slime.) As it was, and is now, I think it's a question not of if there will be a reboot of the franchise, but when.
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    And props to Bill for giving an unscripted shout-out to Harold at the Oscars. He did look genuinely emotional and not just saying the words just because basically everyone was expecting him to.

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    That was a classy thing to do and I smiled a wide grin when he did it. One of the best moments of the entire evening.