RIP Brian Howe from Bad Compay

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    RIP Brian Howe - Best known for replacing Paul Rogers in Bad Company. in the mid 80's, and was with them for about 10 years. Bad Co sounded different under him, but overall it was still pretty good music. No Smoke Without a Fire, Holy Water, If You Needed Somebody were probably his most popular songs.
    Looks like he survived a massive heart attack a few years ago, and had another one after having a bike accident recently.
    Thanks for the music Mr. Howe.
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    Brian was no Paul Rodgers, but the 1982 album Rough Diamonds was pretty "meh", so they went from 1979's Desolation Angels to 1986's Fame & Fortune (w/Brian) without a really good release.

    The four albums with Brian were all great, straight-forward rock & roll, that like you say, didn't sound much like classic Bad Company. They adapted well to the 80's. But all four albums were part of my CD collection at one time.

    I played (the track) Holy Water into the ground in the summer of 1990. They did some really catchy stuff in that period.
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    Saw them live with him them in 1993 when I was on a working holiday in the states. He did a decent job with the classic material. BC under Howe were more like 80s-era Foreigner (whose early stuff admittedly sounded more like classic Bad Company in parts) but it was listenable enough. RIP.
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    Rest in peace Mr. Howe.