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Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by Captain Kathryn, May 26, 2013.

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    I'm rewatching TNG as well, and currently I'm about half-way thru Season 4. I still enjoy as much as I did when it first aired on UPN.:)
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    UPN didn't come into being until about seven months after the last episode of TNG aired. :p
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    I think there may be a few more at odd times in the show - in Schisms there is a really out-of-place looking character who is wearing a kind of skirt thing, instead of a typical uniform.

    And here he is.

    In fact, here he is again, hiding behind Counselor Troi. You may not have noticed him because it is much safer and nicer to focus on Troi's outfit.

    That's what I thought, but I was never sure... =?


    Yep! But, thankfully they don't show us what they did in Voyager. I can't watch that episode because Tom's transfiguration is so disturbing (which makes me sad because Voyager is perhaps my favorite series).
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    Worf's forehead ridges were completely changed after the first couple of seasons. Also his sash was changed.
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    Well it's conceivable that Worf decided the silver one looked better and changed it out. It's less conceivable he walks into Sickbay and asks Crusher to cosmetically alter his ridges. ;)
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    And Kurn's forehead was always changed to match it.
    According to Sirtis, she was told she had to come up with a slightly alien accent because Stewart had an English accent and they didn't want two Brits on the bridge, or something like that (despite Picard being French). So she worked out a Betazoid accent which, only a few episodes into the series, is completely contradicted by Majel Barrett.
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    My 0.02 quatloos:

    not me. I like 80's styles.

    I don't think a woman using a skirt is "oversexualized"

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    I started rewatching myself recently. It's been a long time, and now my kid is 4 so he's starting to understand the episodes and enjoy it (which is cool!). Through the first two seasons. Though it's been steadily getting better, the show's not been the best. I seem to remember a huge quality jump in season 3, hope I feel the same way this time around!
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    We also see Tasha Yar wearing a skirt but only in the final scene of the episode.