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    "He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader, in that moment, the good man who was your father, was destroyed."

    I want heat plumes and less changing of the sets. This battle goes for long durations without saying a word. But, when they talk, it needs a re-write:

    "Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!"
    "No, the Jedi are evil!"
    "Then, you are lost."

    And, in that moment, Obi-Wan should stop treating him as a friend and brother, and treat him as the Sith Lord who slaughtered the Jedi. He must neutralize the threat to the galaxy, the Republic.

    He can mourn him once he is on fire. No dialogue about the higher ground.

    Have you ever been a disappointment to a parent, a friend? Or been on the other end of these discussions?

    He should be irate, despite the cries he cannot be angry, or Obi-Wan might be a Sith. He does the final act in sombreness, perhaps a head shake as he lays there.

    "You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!"

    The first half is about who Anakin became. He's ashamed of him. Judges him as just being a Sith Lord. He's realized he is lost.
    Not leave it in Darkness should be a punctuation of the dead. He fights for the Jedi that were slaughtered.

    "I hate you!" Should be cut. Let him do it with his eyes. He's got red contacts. No crying. Just look at him with all the hatred you can, surpressing the pain.

    Taken aback by Vader's reaction, he tells him he loved him. That he was his brother. And, in feeling that love, he cannot watch him burn to death.

    It's on a mound of dirt, both of them too far away from each other. It's not small enough. Obi-Wan continues to treat him as an Apprentice, despite the genocide at the temple, and he still makes arguments like Anakin, not the short verbage of Vader. He has to begrudgingly accept that Anakin is gone. The dead are missing in the performances, both of them.

    This is PG-13, use it.

    I know, fifteen years after it was released, just wanted feedback and thoughts, some discussion over why the Prequels lacked the emotional punch of the first films.
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    The scene works well for me as is. Sure some of the lava and lightsaber stuff was a bit OTT but I can see the epic vibe they were going for. I thought Ewans delivery of his lines were excellent, he conveyed how heartbroken he was here very well. In fact I'd say his performance in ROTS was easily his best of the 3 movies.

    Could the scene be changed for the better? Probably, but I thought it was great.

    Then again I'm of the opinion that ROTS is one of the very best SW films, about level with RO with only ANH & ESB ahead of it.
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    I had issues with "The Duel" even back in 2005. I thought it went on way too long, and that that Obi-Wan should've just scraped out a victory. It was too evenly matched. Granted, Obi-Wan was Anakin's teacher. But the prequels didn't do a great job of demonstrating how great a warrior Anakin was to support what was said about him in the original trilogy. I think the prequels undercut Darth Vader's reputation for me. (That being said, I do think the prequel era was helped by the Clone Wars cartoons, the EU material, and also some of the current Marvel comics).

    If I recall from the original novelization, Vader fell into a volcano. I wish they had kept that, because it made Obi-Wan too callous to just leave Anakin a burned stump of a person, but still alive. But there were also things I liked about The Duel. I liked the build-up to it and I also liked a lot of the dialogue-more Obi-Wan than Anakin, but still, I enjoyed a lot of those scenes. I thought the music was also great.

    I loved the fight in the Senate between two of my favorite characters, interspersed among the Anakin-Obi-Wan scenes. I wasn't expecting that and I enjoyed it more than The Duel.

    I think the prequels lacked emotional punch because of Lucas. I think Lucas was more focused on the larger story, the special effects, creatures, production design, and forgot that he needed to make flesh-and-blood characters that people cared about so they would care about the other stuff. That the characters weren't just pieces to be moved around on his chessboard. This is a problem I also see with Disney Star Wars, but with Lucas, he did have a larger vision for the prequels that I don't see with the sequel trilogy.
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    If you mean the novelization of ANH, that book didn't say anything about it.

    If you mean the novelization of ROTJ, I don't have access to the entire text, but it refers to "molten lava crawling up his back" and "that pit", so... close enough. :techman: