Replicator and Sonic Shower basics

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    Then what was that stench someone wanted to cloak in Star Trek IV?

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    ^ The food stores?
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    They probably go to the emh or crusher to handle something like antiperspirants there were few episodes in the different TV series that showed perfumes being used or at least available. Klingons clean themselves its just that they probably wouldn't take bubble baths. But the replicator was used to even make things from the past like Tom Paris' TV set or synthesis of different things the emh needed to help with nano machines from the Borg and his holoemitter . Think of all the different things we could do with a replicator. Essentially you could go outside and get some dirt ans turn that into a holiday feast.
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    I think it's more likely you would just replicate what you wanted, or prior to the replicator obtain it from ship's store, or you would bring it aboard with you.

    No need to visit the ship's doctor.

    The same with any other personal vanity or hygiene supplies. It is fairly obvious that the women aboard (including T"Pol) wear makeup. Both Spock and Sulu at one point employed blue eye shadow (fashion statement).

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    I was thinking about food replicators and thought to myself that, in reality, ordering food from a replicator would be a horrible experience - particularly if you were behind someone at the replicator who simply couldn't make a decision.

    Much like Tom Paris' "tomato soup" exchange in Caretaker, you couldn't just walk up to a replicator and say "I'll have a ham sandwich and some chips." Too many variables. What kind of bread? What kind of ham? Musturd? Cheese? (What kind?) American "chips" or British? (Again, what kind?) Plus if you were ordering food you would have to have some kind of visual interface to preview your meal choice one would think.

    I see the way around it is perhaps crew members would have to set up their "favorite" foods in advance, so that when Janeway orders coffee or Dax orders raktajino or pudding, the replicator knows exactly what variables they prefer, in terms of temperature, how strong, etc. If they set up their favorites in their quarters, the interface might also sport a screen for ease of use, much like the "replication center" on the Enterprise in Data's Day

    Tom Paris got the runaround about the soup because it was his first time to Voyager, and as an observer might not have technically even been officially part of the crew. I imagine that for subsequent visits to the mess hall, Paris could simply just say "tomato soup" and get it the way he prefers, while another crew member like say, Chell, could order it the very same way and get his "Bolian style with rice" without needing to specify.

    There might also be "generic" meal choices, like when Sisko orders "Entree number 103" in Blaze of Glory, which was familiar enough to Eddington that he could identify it by number and contents.
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    I think you haven't read at least the summary page of that document about the Coler Coil. Though it does read as an interesting piece of fiction.