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    Who knows? Most of the acting I've seen Capaldi hasn't been terribly physical, but that doesn't mean that he's not a spry guy. The Doctor isn't by nature an action hero (save one)... Pertwee was older than Troughton, but he was far more active than his predecessor; and after five years he was as old as Hartnell was when he started, and Pertwee was STILL running around and arguably beating up more people than all the other Doctors combined. I see Peter as being able to punch and kick (and cuss) with the best of them.

    Now, the real fun gets to be if we see a new and different regeneration effect. Not that the current one isn't awesome, but perhaps it's time to change it up a bit. And maybe, just maybe, the Doctor could regenerate NOT in his Tardis, and NOT standing up..?

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    We can but hope. And I think you're right with regard to Capaldi, frankly he doesn't look like a man of 55, and like you say Pertwee was very action orientated and wasn't a young Doctor.
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    Just was watching THE CREATURE FROM THE PIT with Tom Baker. Someone asks him how many lives he's lived. He replies 107 (to that point). So take that 13 lives!
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    I guess Douglas Adams didn't take Holmes' retcon very seriously, then. :)