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    I have been working on a solid model of the refit for a number of years. I had put it aside for some other projects. However, there have been requests to update it.

    One of the major obstacles is sizes. For sizes I have some photos with reference indicators. However, I tend to lack reference photos taken at right angles (and better yet taken with a small depth). Accuracy is therefore hindered by a lack of baseline data.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a source that contains actual dimensions for the refit model. For example:

    - What is the saucer diameter?
    - What is the thickness of the saucer at the rim?
    - How high is the flat part the BC deck rests above the rim?
    - How far a apart are the warp engine centerlines
    - How long is the engineering hull?
    - How far are vertical centers of the warp engine above the center of the engineering hull?

    The warp engine position is particularly difficult to discern from reference photos due to perspective.

    I have estimates for all the above based upon photos that I have made. However, with such information at hand, I could overcome some of the problems of perspective and angles in reference photos.

    I have seen such information for the TOS. Those dimensions must have been written down somewhere to build the model.

    Any pointers would be a big help.


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