Recast of DS9 with ENTERPRISE's actors & actresses.

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  1. Aquehonga

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    Scott Bakula as Commander/Captain Benjamin L. Sisko

    Brian Bonsall as Jake Sisko*

    Jolene Blaylock as Major Kira Nerys

    Linda Park as Lt. Com Jadzia Dax

    John Billingsley as Odo

    Dominic Keating as Dr. Bashir

    Connor Trineer as Chief Miles O'Brien

    Anthony Montgomery as Quark

    Dean Spockwell as Admiral Ross (later seasons)

    In tribute to Quantum Leap, when Admiral Ross comes in during The War, his nickname is "Al". Sometimes folks call Ross "Big Al" for his take-no-prisoners, no horse hockey mentality.

    Bakula's Sisko served as Spockwell's Admiral Ross's 1st Officer fighting the Tzenkethi. Sisko's nicknames back then were "Sam", most of the time, & "Sammo Fun" on the battlefield.

    Admiral Ross calls Ben "Sam" to most folks' confusion. Admiral Ross & Sisko often speak fondly of a mutual friend back in San Francisco whose a master statistician for Starfleet Command (nick)named Ziggy. Ziggy sends Ross mission probability projections which he shares with Sisko.

    Ziggy's voice is provided by Deborah Pratt.

    What would this DS9 had been like?

    All opinions/views welcome.

    *I know! He wasn't on ENT was he:confused:
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  2. Photon

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    Mar 13, 2006
    Bacula would have to work on his tan.

    Its interesting, though I doubt DS9 purist could stomach it.

    I'm quite sure some of the originals would like to come and do Trek work
  3. Thor Damar

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    As a 'DS9 purist' I would have to say no to all of the above with the exception of Dean Stockwell as admiral Ross( or Fed president?). ;)
  4. Jono

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    Dec 22, 2001
    The casting I most dislike would be Montgomery as Quark. I don't think he could pull it off, too young really. I'd shift Billingsley to Quark, Keating to Odo and Mont to Bashir. Mont as Bashir is a much better fit, a young officer full of life and youthful exuberance. Billingsley has a better force for Quark and seems more likely to handle the role. Keating has that grumpy manner and voice that would match Quark.

    Additionally I find the Quantum Leap stuff to be pointless. Early on the series I wouldn't care about a little wink to the show but the constant references to a show that has nothing to do with Trek just make me want to rolleyes.
  5. USS Triumphant

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    The only character I might retroactively recast with an Enterprise actor is Jadzia - recast with Blalock. The rest of the DS9 cast was pretty much perfect the way they were.
  6. JustKate

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    I am not enamoured of the idea - the cast of Enterprise was pretty good on the whole, but the cast of DS9 was so excellent - but I particularly dislike swapping out Avery Brooks for Scott Bakula. Not a fan of the actor, and I thought his Archer the blandest of all our captains. "Bland" is not what DS9 needed.
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  7. Kira Nerys

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    Feb 9, 2006
    Ds9 is fine the way it is .
  8. TS-1838-SWATH

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    Feb 13, 2009
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    However Scott Bakula was not given much to work with --> Archer
    Fan of his QL work
  9. D Man

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    Interesting list...I think Trineer as O'Brien and Billingsley as Odo would work the best, since they seemed to be the most capable and versatile actors from Enterprise. Bakula as Sisko would be interesting, but I don't think he has the intense "presence" that Avery Brooks conveyed, especially during emotional moments like in "Rapture" or "Far Beyond The Stars."

    I'm also wondering why you keep spelling Dean Stockwell's name wrong like you always do in the BSG forum...are you gunning for a Trek connection with "Spockwell?" ;)
  10. Saito S

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    Mar 16, 2009
    Eh... I couldn't see it. I can't deny that I am a "DS9 purist", though. :D

    I will say that - although I didn't like Enterprise at all - the actors were not really among the reasons for that. I think that they were pretty good, on the whole. But I can't really see anyone in any of the DS9 roles except those who were already in those roles, cause IMO DS9 had no weak links, acting-wise.

    Scott Bakula as Archer... he's the reason I said "on the whole" when saying that Enterprise had good acting. He is not a bad actor. In fact, he's pretty good. But in my opinion, he was a terrible choice for a Starfleet captain. He does not have at all the right presence for that role. It's the same as how I felt about George Clooney as Batman in Batman and Robin. Clooney is a fantastic actor. But he made a positively awful Batman. It just didn't mesh well, him in that costume, with those lines... Granted, that was a laughably bad movie in just about every way, so maybe that's not a great example. But you get the idea. :p
  11. Red Ranger

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    I really can't see any of those actors in those roles, except maybe John Billngsley as Quark. I always though Tony Todd as Sisko would be good. He has a commanding voice and he was great in The Visitor. I could also see Jeffrey Combs as Dukat, too, even though he's a tad short. -- RR