RCVR - A New Original Sci-Fi Series by Machinima

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Psst. Have you ever wondered how humanity got from living in caves to watching videos on the internet? Machinima, the largest entertainment video network on YouTube, takes this idea a step further with its new sci-fi series, 'RCVR'.

    RCVR follows covert government agents Sandy Bergson and Luke Weber as they seek to suppress the truth about extraterrestrial encounters. When not covering up UFO sightings and discrediting real evidence that aliens walk among us, the agents track down "RCVRs"; humans selected by an alien species to act as channels for advanced technologies. These select few humans have been responsible for major scientific breakthroughs - from nuclear power to your latest console - and are the key to even more powerful technology: Time travel, limitless energy, even eternal life.

    Since its debut (9/21), the first episode has garnered over 1 million views. Check out episode 2 http://t.co/48hT2Y5 and episode 3 http://t.co/Zs5rpqD now!
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    This isn't a fanfilm. It's spam for this forum.