Rare Photos: October AND November 2012!

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    So a funny thing happened to me on the way to do last months Rare Photos.

    I forgot. :p

    For the first two weeks of the month, I was racking my brain, saying "What am I forgetting?" and could not remember. About the third week it suddenly hit me - "D'oh! Rare photos!" - but by this point it was closer to November and I figured, "Well, I'll double up on them and give everyone a concentrated dosage."

    And so I have. ;)

    So here are two months worth in one. We'll start off with October...


    My Favorites:
    2nd Row, Left: The whole cast and crew of "Wrath of Khan" - save Leonard Nimoy, whose represented by an 8x10 being held up by producer Harve Bennett. It's also one of the very few images with both Shatner and Montalban, who never actually shared the set during the film.

    2nd Row, Right: Michael Dorn taking a breather between takes while filming his introductory episodes to DS9, "Way of the Warrior"

    4th Row, Left: Corridor of the USS Kelvin from nuTrek. Feels very nBSG-like to my eye... ;)

    5th Row, Center: Patrick Stewart, arm in a sling, on location filming the final scene of season 3's "Who Watches the Watchers?"

    And now... November!!


    My Favorites:
    2nd Row, Left: I can't be sure but I think this image of Kirk and Harrimen from Generations is a deleted moment. The expressions on their faces indicate they're looking at something (likely supposed to be the Nexus) with surprise. But it doesn't exactly look like a moment we saw in the final film, and we know those scenes where chopped up a bit in post-production.

    3rd Row, Center: What can I say? I'm a hetero male. I can't not enjoy and make mention of a nearly topless photo of Chase Masterson as Leeta from "Let He Who Is Without Sin" go by unnoticed! :p :drool:

    5th Row, Center: Alexander Siddig directs season 5's "Business as Usual" - Siddig didn't direct many episodes, and has said the reason why is that he didn't enjoy the job. One of the few Trek actors to dable in such and not pursue it further.

    6th Row, Center: The TNG 3 - Picard, Riker and Data - in an early season 1 publicity photo. Is it just me or does Patrick Stewart/Picard look a bit... uhm... unique? LOL. :lol:

    Now, this is important folks! I want to hear of your favorites from BOTH months, not just one or all mushed together. Cause it means a lot to me to hear what you all like most.

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    First of all, I love that you do this. You were missed! In October, my favorite is the Khan cast and crew photo. Kirstie is rather nonchalant,isn't she? In November, I especially like the overhead shot of Kirk with Ensign Hotness. I like them all, but those are the ones I like best.
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    Love that November one of Lwaxana Troi - think it's from the episode Menage a Troi.
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    Frontier, you were indeed missed last month, but this 'double feature' makes it all worth while.

    My favourites for October:

    2nd Row, Left: The cast photo for TWoK. Some genuinely happy looking faces there - and, Good Lord, Kirstie Alley is gorgeous.

    3rd Row, Center: Frakes giving direction to Alice Krige

    My favourites for November:

    3rd Row, Center: Chase Masterson as Leeta. My heart is beating faster already....

    4th Row, Center: The new bridge. A very nice clean shot. I'd love to step up on that set, and

    5th Row, Center: Siddig giving direction in DS9. It looks like Armen Shimerman is listening intently on what Alexander is trying to get across.
  5. Sky

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    LOVE the TWOK cast photo!

    ETA: But what's with the ghost in the upper right corner?
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    I really like the Star Trek 2 cast and crew photo. You'd think that Leonard Nimoy could've gotten someone else to hold the camera.
  7. Frontier

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    I doubt that's why he wasn't in the picture, lol.

    Sometimes, scheduling just causes problems. There are even a few seasons of Trek where they have no official cast publicity photo for a given actor because of such (IE the day they did the shoots, so-and-so couldn't show up). And those are official cast portraits done by the studio! LOL.
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    Mick Meyer in the cowboy hat to upper left.
    The late great Mike Minor sitting between Joe Jennings and Shatner.
    Who's the cutout to the middle right?