Rare Photos: May & June 2014

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    Sorry for the delay, folks. It occurred to me it would be best to release in the middle of the two months rather than beginning of the first; and then health issues caught me up for a few days this month. Here they be, though!


    1st Row, Center: Jonathan Frakes directing Andrew Robinson in "The Search"

    3rd Row, Right: I can't be sure who the fellow in the blazer is, but my guess is an executive. For some reason, I keep thinking he's the guy who made the deal for FOX to let Lucas keep the rights to Star Wars - who was thus then fired and ended up at Paramount, which is why Indiana Jones landed there as well. But I can't even find his name let alone a photo of him to make sure, so... it's anyone's guess if I'm right or wrong.

    5th Row, Left: Wow is that one funny looking stunt (and/or) body double for Brent Spiner during "Datalore"...

    6th Row, Right: Nichelle Nichols on the set of the Original Series.
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    My favs are the Nichelle Nichols, the Sirtis headshot, and the Worf/LeVar Burton shot. Thanks Frontier!
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    Yeah, he wasn't a great double for Mr. Spiner (the double is taller, very different shaped head, etc.) and it's very obvious in the episodes which scenes they did the split-screen vs. a stand-in and "careful" camera angles. As I recall, he even ended up making it on the slipcover of the VHS release of the episode.

    From MA, here's a photo of the 3 doubles used in the episode, portrayed by Ken Gildin, Brian J. Williams, and an unknown photo double (the same as in the TrekCore photo).

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    Top row, left is my favorite.

    Just hangin' around reading script pages...
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    Continued best wishes for your good health. This is, by far, my most looked forward to thread on the BBS. On to the photos. My picks, in order of favourites, are:

    1st Row, Left: Production shot from "Spectre of the Gun",

    6th Row, Right: Nichelle Nichols in front of faux star field, and

    6th Row, Left: Paul Winfield as Capt Terrell. Would have liked to see more of him.
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    My favourite has to be of Nichelle Nichols, she was a classic beauty in her youth.
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    I like the Nicholls one at the bottom

    Never liked the bald chick from the Motion Picture much
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    Frakes directing Robinson
    Burton directing Dorn
    Kirk headshot
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    Great Pictures, Thanks, for posting them.
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    I liked the Shatner pic and the two Data pics!