Rare Photos: December 2012 + Stocking Stuffers!

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Frontier, Dec 4, 2012.

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    Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than a 60 degree December day in the north east! :p

    Despite that bit of unseasonable weather, it is December so... yeah. Goodies for all!

    First up, December's edition: http://www.trekcore.com/specials/thumbnails.php?album=146

    2nd Row, Right: Gorgeous picture of the lovely Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (pretending to be Luma Ral during a jaunt back through time courtesy of an orb)

    3rd Row, Center: Geordi La Forge admires the Warp Core of the Enterprise-E.

    4th Row, Right: $20 to whomever can tell me the name of the Ferengi waiter on the right pictured with Quark, Rom, and Nog. Anybody?

    5th Row, Right: Gene inspects the NCC-1701 model while filming the first pilot "The Cage" way back in 1964.

    Which Are Your Favorites?

    [LEFT]Next up, Stocking Stuffers!


    2nd Row, Left: EMH Mark 2 (Andy Dick) and EMH Mark 1 (Bob Picardo) on the bridge of Prometheus.

    3rd Row, Center: Jeri Ryan and Robbie McNeil chatting between takes on one of Jeri's early Voyager episodes.

    4th Row, Left: Leonard Nimoy and his oft-lamented bicycle on the Desilu lot. If you've not heard the behind the scenes story concerning such, google it! :)

    5th Row, Center: Leonard and Bill in costume as Spock and Kirk share a laugh and a hug.

    Which Are Your Favorites?

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    Is that Broik?

    If I'm right, send the twenty to the Ferengi Home for Wayward Dabo Girls.
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    Nice collection of photos this month. I've always looked that shot of Nimoy as Spock at his console. That shot of Frakes with the shades clipped into his uniform front is another favourite. Of the stocking stuffers I love the shot of De smiling, Shatner and Nimoy hugging and the nice shot of Carol and David. What great photos! Thanks for doing this. :)
  4. AHirogen

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    Love the one With Nimoy on his bike. When you know the story, the pic is magical
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    THese are just always the best
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    This is probably my absolute favourite thread on the BBS. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. On to business.

    My Dec 2012 favourites:

    1st Row, Left: Jeri Ryan. Smokin' in that dress with the water as a backdrop;

    5th Row, Right: The Great Bird himself. Even better that it's a 1964 shot; and

    2nd Row, Centre: ST:TMP production shot. Love seeing the camera, light, and microphone.

    My Stocking Stuffer favourites:

    3rd Row, Centre: Ryan and McNeil having a short pause between takes;

    3rd Row, Right: Mirror Jadzia. 'nough said;

    1st Row, Left: "Waltz" - DS9 production shot. It's simply a beautiful photograph; and since it's Christmas, I'll take one more,

    5th Row, Centre: Kirk and Spock having a chuckle.
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    Even better than a Google, pick up Nimoy's I Am Spock; the story is recounted most hilariously and it's not the only awesome story presented there, either.
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    I agree...
  9. Sector 7

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    Fred. He owes Quark money. Quark made him work it off at the bar.

    Favorites are:
    - nu1701 Shuttle
    - nu1701 Transporter Room
    - Dee Kelley from ST5... bad movie, great photo!

    Thanks for sharing so many great memories, Frontier!
  10. Frontier

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    You where indeed right. ;)

    Oh and next month's edition is now live... http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?p=7503604#post7503604