Questions regarding The Eternal Tide [Here be spoilers]

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Hando, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Having decided on catching up on my reading I have finished The Eternal Tide, but it has left me wondering on several issues.

    If I understand it correctly, in the pre-Endgame timeline Janeway used antichroniton-infused tachyons and basically eliminated the Q-continuum.
    So why do the Qs still exist at all in the post-Endgame timeline?
    Wouldn’t their non-existence have a profound effect on the Federation and the universe?
    Also, why does q and Janeway still live/exist in the ST Online timeline/universe? Is it a completely different multiverse?

    Did the thing with the Anschlasom happen in all the universes/timelines? Were the space-time breaches created in every universe?
    Or do some remain safe?

    What goes on in the universes/timelines at the same time as The Eternal Tide?
    What about the other 2 or 3 future timelines we have seen on Voyager?
    Or in those, were Janeway is not in charge, or something else is happening?
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    Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

    (Wrong show, I know, but it applies...)
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    King Daniel Beyond
    Because Admiral Janeway went back in time and changed history, so the Q weren't eradicated. That's why the multiverse killed Janeway and created Afsarah Eden, as an alternate means of redressing the balance.
    Star Trek Online is totally unrelated to the novelverse, despite them borrowing a few novelverse characters and situations. They're separate real-life takes on what happened after Nemesis, not in-universe alternate realities (altho STO: The Needs of the Many does hint that they are alternate universes in an easter eggy kind of way)
    All I remember is that Janeway always dies. Even in one universe where whe never joins Starfleet, she slips in the tub and busts her head open. I suspect each universe created an Afsarah Eden or found some other way to redress the Q/Omega imbalance.
    Erm.... what Thrawn said.