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    No, this isn't another debate about Starfleet sartorial choices (although it could transform into one), but a meta-observation concerning the current high number of interrogative thread titles.

    It's interesting. It also tempts one to see the thread title each time one reviews the topics and proclaim, "No, there's no way Edith can come back," "The 23rd century, by golly," and such. Oh, and "Yes, the Blu-Rays are worth it." :D
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    It is amazing what a title can convey. A question, a statement, intrigue or hubris, or even drowsiness, all without realizing it since words are just that, it is our perception that adds to what may not be there?

    I would guess that interrogative questions seem more inclusive and inviting of discussion and deliberation rather than an exclusive, blanket, foot-stomping statement to abjectly refute?

    "Amok Time - A True Classic!" either is or isn't. "Rahda" may as well be "Rhoda" as... okay... it's a person's name... Then again, a name might pique the interest of certain audiences, of which most would be rather disappointed as the episode starts to unfold. Why not "Was Rahda's hair rah-da-real?" instead? Looks silly, but so is the song "Wig"...

    "Bloopers" just are...

    "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky": It is poetic, it is both a riddle to plot elements and germane to the story - absolutely, but is it intriguing or more conducive to the counting of sheep? Then again, "What happens if I Touch the Sky?" is just as dreary... if not potentially icky... All while having too many syllables, which is arguably worse than too few. At least for a title, of which five to seven syllables are deemed "standard"...

    ...Season 3 was experimental, what with that one and "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield", both seem to do the job adequately or better despite their impressive length. While a more truncated "Battlefield" has intrigue, those who don't care about war aren't going to be compelled.

    Wow, I did segue between tangents, hopscotching from thread titles to episode titles...
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    The only thread titles that really bug me are the ones that don't give me a basic idea of the topic of the the thread. Something as vague as "A 'Space Seed' Question" or "Why Did Khan Do This?" could be anything. Throw me a bone and give me a hint on what you're talking about or I'm most likely not going to bother.
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