Question about Enterprise E years of service

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by JayTheTrekkie, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Not sure if this thread should be in this forum or in the TNG forum....if it should be in the TNG forum, you may move it there

    Anyways....since the last time we have seen the Enterprise E...from Nemesis, how many years in total (starting from 2372) you think the Enterprise E would keep on going for? I'm sure its still in service now as of whatever trek year we are in now (the current trek year must be 2384 I think, right?)..

    My guess is that I think it might make it to 2400 just as long it doesn't get into too many bad missions that might have a battle conflict with a race that disagrees with starfleet.
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    Oct 16, 2003
    For once it would be nice if SF kept a same starship (hero ship) in the fleet that is known to us for more than a decade.

    Both Voyager and Enterprise-E seem to have the predispositions to do that ... weather or not SF will follow through, is another question.

    It's entirely plausible that Enterprise E will continue past 2400 with upgrades and refits done on a regular basis provided it's not destroyed or badly damaged before that.
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    Considering the Sovereign-class starships are meant to be the equivalent/replacement for the Excelsior-class, I don't see why it wouldn't be around past 2400 (barring its destruction), especially with upgrades and refits. The Excelsior class has been around for almost 100 years up the late 24th century.

    After all, the original 1701 was 40 years old before her destruction over the Genesis Planet. The 1701-E is only 7 years old by the time of Nemesis.

    As of Nemesis it was 2379. The 1701-E was launched in 2372.
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    If they ever create any post TNG trek, hopefully they'll address it.

    But then again they never addressed what happened to the Enterprise B, or when the Enterprise C was commissioned or anything like that.
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    Just Curious where you heard that.

    I agree with you on the length of service. It seems most Federation starships serve in some capacity from 50 to 100 years, unless they are destroyed.

    Not really hard to beleive since some of OUR battle ships were laid down in the 20's and 30's and with refits and such served untill the mid 90's.

    If they keep the ship up, there's no reason "The Next Next Generation" couldn't see it warping around somwhere. :lol:
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    That was never mentioned onscreen. I myself have read that on the internet.
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    If there was still a 24th-Century century series or movie in production, yes, it would currently be 2384--Stardate 61XXX.X--as it would be exactly 20 years after TNG premiered.

    Personally, I think the Enterprise-E could theoretically remain in service until the 2440s, barring any unfortunate accidents. The Sovereign-class is still a relatively new design in Starfleet (only 12 years old) and with periodic upgrades and refits, the overall design could last as long as the Excelsior-class, IMO. There could still very well be Sovereign-class ships in service until the 2460s unless Starfleet decides to retire the design prematurely.

    How long the Enterprise---or any starship--truly lasts through depends on what kind of missions she assigned on. If she's frequently assigned to fairly dangerous assignments in which she's likely to be severely damaged or destroyed, her operational life expectancy will be substantially shorter and then it'll be an issue of which mission finishes her off then...
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    We do know that they likely stick with the basic design(saucer section with 2 nacelles)at least up to the Enterprise J which was said to be in service during Trek's fictional 26th century.That gives roughly 200 years in of which there likely would be a new Enterprise every 50 years(rough average), so the Enterprise E could likely easily remain in commision 40+ years or so(with refits and being lucky enough not to be destroyed by anything).As seen in Nemesis, the ship can take a hell of a beating a still be repaired in a relatively short time given the damage it took.
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    depends what new spangly ship comes along in the future, the Enterprise seems to always represent the finest ship class of the fleet. If something that comes along that is more spectacular than the E they could replace her.