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Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by RookieBatman, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Not wishing to get into a discussion about whether comics really count as literature, I think this is the right place to post things about Trek comics...
    I've been collecting Star Trek comics for a while, so I kinda have mixed feelings about the complete collection on DVD. But, that's a thought process for a different thread, what I was wondering is about some printing errors that have happened in some of the past Trek comics. I know that in my copies of Wildstorm's "All of Me" one-shot, and a couple TOS stories in Marvel's Unlimited series, there was a wonky printing error, where halfway through the story, earlier pages would just be duplicated, causing the story to be incomplete. I know that the DVD colllections are just straightforward scans (not processed like a print anthology would be), so I'm kinda worried that they might have scanned in some of the ones with the printing error and not realized it. I'm assuming that not every copy of "All of Me" or the other problematic issues had this problem, so hopefully they got their hands on the good ones. But, has anyone run into any problems like this in the digital copies?
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    I regret they didn't put more care into the scanning, but it's still great to have together all these comics that otherwise would not be available, and would take up a lot of shelf space.
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    The only printing error I recall from the DVD is in issue 3 of Marvel's Star Trek Unlimited, where one of the sheets was missing so that both of the stories in the issue were missing two pages each. I don't remember any duplicate pages.

    And yes, this is the forum for ST comics discussions. Always has been.
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    A friend in the USA ran across a couple of the Star Trek Complete Comic Collection discs at Fry's Electronics while doing some shopping on Black Friday. They were on deep clearance for $1.73 each!

    I don't recall problems with "All of Me". I have both the single issue and the omnibus trade including it. Haven't bothered much with my DVD collection, since the only ST comics I've never read before are a few of the Gold Keys and all the UK strips.
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    I got a copy for Christmas last year, and I've loved having it. To be honest, I've just looked at an issue here and there rather than really reading complete runs, but I've definitely had fun with it, and I love being able to check out specific comics when I hear about them online.