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    You got that right.

    T'Girl said:
    Exactly. So, did Q really take Picard to the real primordial ooze on prehistoric Earth? Memory Alpha specifically states it was Picard's "consciousness" and not his whole body that was transported. It also states Q and Quinn transported all of Voyager to the Big Bang.

    Who knows?
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    Q could not have been Jesus. For one thing, Q is a fictitious late-20th century TV character, while Jesus was a real, historical figure of 2000 years ago; read Josephus and Pliny for evidence of this (the wildest naysayers deny even Jesus' historiocity). Also read the recent historical studies written by Prof. John Dominic Crossan.

    Next question?
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    Remember Quinn's warnings...despite how it may appear, the Q are NOT omnipotent.

    As for "The God Thing"? I'm aware of it. And I don't care.

    So some alien robot thingy thinks it's Jesus? Big deal. Doesn't mean it WAS.

    I don't even think that Q was the devil. Q is snarky and enjoys needling people, but he has never been outright evil. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Q has never lied to Picard (or anyone else), isn't that right? Satan, on the other hand, is literally the Father of Lies. Everything Satan does or says is a lie, or serves the cause of lies. Q doesn't do that.

    And an excellent point re: SG-1. I never saw the ep in question (where Teal'c points out that the Goa'uld are incapable of compassion and benevolence and so could never impersonate Jesus), but now I think I want to. And Teal'c was right, BTW. :)
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    Yes and no.

    because if you recall the Q have known, seen, and done it all before. That's why Quinn wanted to die: there literally wasn't anything he hadn't done to cope with the, by that point, boredom of existence.

    No, because
    a) maybe he was just being metaphorical... After all, in the real world we have similar experiences to each other that we can all relate to but we haven't and haven't needed to have the EXACT same experience to understand. My boring day waiting at the DMV or broken heart over an ex doesn't have to be EXACTLY like yours.

    b) Q as he was portrayed early on didn't seem like he'd have bothered THAT much...to invest 33 years into a "barbaric child race that had only by the 24th century began to be interesting?" He just popped in every now and again to satisfy curiosity and tip his toys in various directions.

    Then again,
    maybe he wouldn't have had to invest the whole time. For one thing, Jesus was MIA for a large part of his life, and for another, well, maybe most of his life as written by others, long after the fact, was embellished. Maybe Q popped in a few times here and there, and our ancestors filled in the rest because they saw they had something there..for the good of us all or just their prophesying self-interests.

    ...Would make for memorable television. But of course...in reality...Jesus Christ...

    Is not John de Lancie. :P