Q vs. Everyone Else in the Universe

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    I figure the Douwd powers are nearly comparable to a Q's, since thinking a species out of existence is about as mighty as it gets. However, I imagine Douwd powers though powerful are limited to linear time, or Uxbridge could have just interfered in the time line, the way a Q can, & fixed the problem before it happened
  2. Elias Vaughn

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    The Krenim erase Q from the timeline.

    Meanwhile, en route to Farpoint Station, Guinan has a feeling that something big has changed in the universe (like how she shouldn't even be on the Enterprise yet) but doesn't deem it important enough to tell Picard.
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    I never thought I'd see the day that I cited TNG: Hide and Q for anything, but today's the day (May The Fourth Be With You). From http://www.chakoteya.net/NextGen/111.htm:

    Therefore, how well Q does might depend on when the contest takes place.
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    Given they Krenim seem oddly vulnerable to temporal shielding even a small, beat up Federation ship can come up with on their own, I somehow doubt a man who can manipulate space and time by snapping his finger will be effected by their temporal weapon.
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    He could travel through time well enough, but manipulate it? I don't recall ever seeing that. He never snapped his fingers and altered history.

    And if it's Q vs EVERYONE else, then I would think he'd be plenty distracted enough to miss one temporal blast that he probably underestimates.

    Not that my suggestion was entirely serious in the first place.
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    Those TOS creatures were obviously not omnipotent, just powerful to differing degrees.
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    The same answer these kinds of questions always geet. Batman, provided he has time to prepare.