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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Ziz, Dec 30, 2010.

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    "The chef tastes his own cooking..."


    "A Trek kitbash Forbin would be proud of..."

    As some of you physical modelers around here who also hang out at Starship Modeler may know, I started a Trek model parts garage kit business a few months ago - Modular Models. Most of my releases so far have been based on our own Neale "Vance/Jaynz" Davidson's Toolkit sheets, but I've done a few items based on Jackill's drawings as well. I've been so busy generating parts that I haven't had a chance to really build anything from them yet to show people the potential in the product line until now.

    I decided to whip up a ship design using as many of my own parts as possible. This early 23rd century tug - say 10 years or so pre-Pike - is 95% Modular Models parts. The only parts that are from a PL TOS E are the bridge dome, deflector dish and nacelle globe (along with the nacelle ends and greeblies to be added later).

    Granted, it's still in the "work in progress" phase but it's far enough along that you don't have to imagine what it will look like.


    MM parts list -

    Transport Hull
    Lower Sensor Dome (sanded down to remove the outer lip)
    Thin Pylon Pack
    Short Nacelle pair
    Container plate
    3-section Container top
    2 Standard Container ends
    2 Solid container bottoms
    1 Shuttle bay container bottom
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    Hummm.... A Ziz build and a kitbash at that ....

    Me thinks I'll be following this one for a while ... :beer:


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    I REALLY like this! I think your little ship makes a LOT more sense as a tug vessel, than the Ptolemy.
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    Lil cute Transport Vessel there so far :) :techman:
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  5. Ziz

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    Sep 25, 2001
    Technically it's not my first build. I did a build-up of one of the full-size container designs for my Container product page, and Forbin did a build of another container design for me for that item's store page at SSM.

    I do need to get more stuff built though. SSM wants more pics of stuff in use on finished builds for their store pages to provide a "before and after" comparison.