Probably sounds dumb but I am enjoying TOS/TAS in a new way

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    Our West German correspondent, Cora Buhlert, has been doing a lovely job of describing/reviewing the Perry Rhodan novels!
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    Oct 13, 2004
    I’ve enjoyed Cora’s reviews very much!
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    No, not dumb at all. You are reminding me of what I did in the old days as a kid, when I could not afford a VHS or Betamax. I recorded various TOS episodes on cassette and would listen to them as I fell asleep. Oddly, in recent times I listen to episodes on my phone ( I have all episodes on my phone) as I fall asleep. I find "Assignment Earth" a particularly good episode to fall asleep to. Aside from the initial ship rumbling and fight scene, it has a slow quite pace to it.

    I also occasionally listen to TOS episodes in my car through the Bluetooth connection, (no I don't look at, or touch the phone while driving)

    It does give a different perspective. Also, in my opinion it could have been a successful radio show in earlier days, although I can't be sure because I can't remove my personal bias after seeing the video version first.
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    What episodes work best in an audio only format?
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    The Conscience of the King
    Court Martial
    Whom Gods Destroy

    they are all pretty talky
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    ^ I bet the heartbeats at the End of Court Martial are very effective.
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    Requiem is very play-like, so I bet that would work well too.

    Court Martial, as you cite, is a courtroom drama, and really even Whom Gods is very theatrical in its layout.

    I bet Corbomite, Balance, Elaan, Immunity, Obsession, Doomsday, Zetar or even Deadly Years would probably need a lot of narration.
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    Reminds me of this bit I did a few years ago:
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    "Arena" would have been great as an episode of Escape.

    Orson Welles would have made an amazing Khan in a radio version of "Space Seed." He could have made a fantastic Harry Mudd if he played him like the radio version of Harry Lime.