"Prey," VOY, and TOS

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    Back on track, I believe that VOY was extremely good at exploring individual characters and also at establishing relationships among the crew. The stand-alone aspect of most of the episodes is something that some fans have a hard time with, but, on balance, I think that VOY convincingly created and sustained an intimate interpersonal atmosphere among the characters and the cast, who had a great deal of onscreen rapport.
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    I just ignored Chakotay. So for me:

    Janeway - Kirk
    Tuvok - Spock
    EMH - McCoy

    Seven I find curious, as sometimes she has Spock's logic, other times McCoy's irascibility.
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    7 is Spock at his weakest moments.
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    The Doctor and McCoy are somewhat similar, if you add Spock's search for humanity to Bones, but Janeway was a scientist and Tuvok was a security officer. Their skills make them unique.