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Discussion in 'Web Sites/Design' started by Wingsley, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Lately, I am a little irked at YouTube. I want to be able to post a long video there, but I can't do it because it is too long. You are supposed to be able to bypass the length rule if you give YouTube your cell phone number, but I can't find a means to convey my cell number. So it's like I'm "stuck in neutral." I tried asking on some YouTube forums, but there's either no response or I can't log-in.

    My video is about 22 minutes in length. It was shot in DV in 2005, edited in Final Cut Pro, and originally put onto a DVD. I still have access to the footage in Final Cut.

    I have thought about creating a separate YouTube account apart from my current personal account. I'm just wondering if I'll run into the same issue there with no resolution possible.

    Is there a way to upload to YouTube using FTP software? If so, how?

    If this is the wrong forum to be posting this, I apologize. I can't seem to find a good place to ask these questions. Any suggestions on a more appropriate forum (hopefully one where you can register and post the same day) would be appreciated.


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    I can't answer your specific question about YouTube since I generally avoid using it like the plague due to many of the issues you've outlined, and a few more. That said, I've found Vimeo, however, to be a delightful alternative. You can brand your "home" page with your logo and a company description, upload to the site via a Web interface or via a proper program (like Dropbox or FTP), and embed your videos into sites and apps.