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    Using dialogue from the Star Trek Picard TV show, the tie-in novel "The Last Best Hope", the "Picard Countdown" comic, and comments made by Michael Chabon on his Instagram account, I have put together this timeline to fill in the gaps between Star Trek Nemesis and the first episode of Star Trek Picard.

    What do you guys think? Have I missed anything?


    Worf leaves his position as Klingon ambassador and returns to Starfleet.

    A military coup on Romulus results in a new government being formed by a new Praetor, Shinzon of Remus, the clone of Jean-Luc Picard.

    Commander Riker and Counsellor Troi are married on Earth. A second ceremony on Betazed is scheduled, but interrupted.

    B-4, a Noonian Soong prototype, is discovered on Kolarus III.

    The Enterprise is ordered to Romulus after the new government offer peace overtures. This is discovered to be a ploy to lure Captain Picard to Romulus so that Shinzon can stabilise his own dying body using Picard’s DNA.

    Lieutenant Commander Data transfers his positronic network into B-4.

    Shinzon’s ship, the Scimitar, seriously damages the Enterprise at the Battle of the Bassen Rift. Picard beams aboard the Scimitar and kills Shinzon. He is saved by Data, who sacrifices his life to destroy the Scimitar and save the Earth.

    B-4 is disassembled and put into storage at the Division of Advanced Synthetic Research at the Daystrom Institute. It turns out that B-4 was “not much like Data at all” and most of Data’s positronic network was lost after the transfer.

    Riker is promoted to captain and leaves the Enterprise to take command of the USS Titan. His wife, Deanna Troi, goes with him.

    Lieutenant Commander Worf is promoted to commander and appointed as First Officer of the Enterprise.


    Captain Picard receives the Dignified Person Award from the government of Vulcan.

    2381 – 2382

    Thaddius “Thadd” Troi-Riker is born, the son of William Riker and Deanna Troi.

    The Federation learns that the Romulan sun is going to go supernova.

    Fleet Admiral Bordson, Starfleet Commander in Chief, promotes Captain Picard to the rank of admiral and puts him in charge of the unprecedented task of rescuing the Romulan people. Bordson assigns a Trill lieutenant called Vianu Kaul to Picard to be his aide-de-camp while on Earth.

    Commander Worf is promoted to captain and given command of the Enterprise.

    La Forge is promoted to full commander and transfers to Utopia Plantitia on Mars to oversee the construction of a fleet of rescue ships for Admiral Picard’s taskforce.

    Admiral Picard chooses Lieutenant Commander Raffaela “Raffi” Musiker to be his Executive Officer for the taskforce. She is a security officer previously assigned to the Romulan Affairs Bureau, and so is an expert on the Romulans.

    Commander La Forge realises that they don’t have enough manpower on Mars to cope with the demand. He and Commander Estella Mackenzie devise a plan to use bio-neural circuitry to produce a team of androids.

    Picard meets Thad Troi-Riker and has his photo taken with him.

    Admiral Picard takes command of the USS Verity to be his flagship for the taskforce. Captain Kirsten Clancy assigns Lieutenant Koli Jocan, a Bajoran refugee expert, to the Verity to assist Picard. They depart Earth for Ectis II, a Romulan mining colony that will be the first group of Romulans to be relocated. Commander Crystal Gbowee is left to run the planning operation on Earth while Picard is away.

    Commander La Forge visits Dr Bruce Maddox at the Daystrom Institute and convinces him to postpone his positronic research to instead work on the bio-neural androids needed to help with the construction of the fleet.

    Dr Agnes Jurati, a Starfleet medical doctor on secondment at Daystrom, approaches Bruce Maddox and requests to be allowed to work with him. Though initially hesitant, Maddox is impressed by her knowledge of android positronic theory, so accepts her offer.

    Admiral Picard and his taskforce evacuate the Romulans from Ectis II and set a course for Arnath IV.

    Commander Mackenzie moves to the Daystrom Institute to assist Dr Maddox with his project.

    The Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University holds a symposium. Dr Amal Safadi’s research shows that the Romulan supernova is far worse and will be more destructive than originally planned. It means that many worlds identified to move the Romulan refugees to are no longer viable as they too are within the blast zone.

    Admiral Picard’s taskforce takes the refugees from Ectis to the planet Arnath IV, as agreed with the Romulan government. However, instead of proper facilities for the refugees, they find secure camps with nothing more than tents. Picard highly objects but is told that it is an internal Romulan affair.

    The issue gets as high as the Federation President, who talks with the Romulan Praetor, but the Romulans will not be budged and will not accept the Federation’s offer of help with industrial replicators and printers to make better facilities.

    At Daystrom, the relationship between Bruce Maddox and Agnes Jurati gets closer.

    After the Ectis refugees have been, almost-forcibly, removed from the Verity, Lieutenant Koli invites Picard and Raffi to join her in her quarters for the Bajoran Festival of Light.

    Admiral Picard’s taskforce moves on to the next planet in the evacuation. Despite being initially hesitant to the idea, Picard orders that planets beyond the Neutral Zone are scouted for potential Romulan refugee placement.

    The USS Dignity is the first ship in Picard’s taskforce to move Romulan refugees into Federation space.

    Dr Maddox is successful and produces a prototype for the Daystrom A500 synth.

    2383 – 2384

    The final assimilation takes place aboard the Borg cube that will become a Romulan reclamation site (5,843 days before the year 2399 places it in 2383).

    Picard’s decision to settle Romulan refugees in Federation space has caused major diplomatic tensions. Fleet Admiral Bordson is just about able to placate Romulan Ambassador Sulde, but she insists on a cultural liaison officer being assigned to Picard. Romulan Lieutenant Tajuth, a Tal Shiar agent, is subsequently seconded to the Verity.

    On the Federation planet Estelen, along the Neutral Zone, upcoming politician Olivia Quest begins publicly denouncing the influx of Romulan refugees into Federation space, saying that Romulans should remain in Romulan space. Her dog-whistle politics get her elected to office on a populist mandate, and she gains a position as a junior council member on the Federation Council in Paris on Earth.

    Quest convinces the council to set up an oversight committee to look into Starfleet’s use of resources. Her campaign phrase “Romulan space for the Romulan people” suddenly becomes prevalent throughout the Federation.

    The Daytsrom A500 synth is mass produced and put into service at Utopia Planitia, assisting greatly with the automation used in assembling the new Starfleet taskforce.

    Admiral Picard’s taskforce has so far relocated tens of thousands of Romulans. Their next objective is the planet Inxtis, whose inhabitants are to be relocated to the planet Vashti, in the Qiris sector, in Federation space. Upon arriving at Inxtis, Picard learns that among the inhabitants are the Qowat Milat – Romulan warrior nuns. In stark contrast to most Romulans, the Qowat Milat follow the ‘Way of Absolute Candor’. Picard, Raffi, and Tajuth beam down to Inxtis and are welcomed by Zani, the leader of the Qowat Milat. After almost two years of hostility form the majority of Romulans he has been relocating, Picard is overwhelmed by Zani’s warmth and openness.

    Living with the Qowat Milat is a young Romulan orphan called Elnor. The Qowat Milat is a female-only sect, but they chose to look after Elnor because no-one else would. He is excited to meet Picard as he is one of the only other men he has met. He forms a strong bond with Picard.

    The evacuation of Inxtis begins. The Qowat Milat are extremely helpful with the evacuation, helping to prepare everything and assisting the other Romulan inhabitants to adapt and prepare. Picard is indebted to Zani for the help she and the Qowat Milat supply as it makes this evacuation so much easier and stress-free than previous ones.

    Olivia Quest visits the Daystrom Institute with reporters and press. As an engineer originally, before entering politics, she is impressed by the set-up, but is annoyed that Starfleet resources are so obvious here, whereas they are not on her homeworld of Estelen. She is also in awe of Maddox’s Daytsrom A500 synths, but when she interviews Maddox himself she inadvertently offends him. She says that every home in the Federation should have one of these synths. In return, Maddox loses his temper and insults politics and how it interferes in scientific research. Annoyed at being shown-up in front of the press, Quest vows that one day she’ll make Maddox sorry.

    Bruce Maddox and Agnes Jurati begin a romantic relationship.

    Picard’s taskforce is en route to Vashti but tensions run high between the Qowat Milat and Lieutenant Tajuth of the Tal Shiar.

    At the Romulan Astrophysical Academy, Nokim Vritet comes to the same conclusion as Dr Safadi in Cambridge, that the supernova will be worse than predicted. However, the Romulan government seem unconcerned and don’t appear to be doing anything to hasten the evacuation. Most Romulans don’t even know about it. Vritet also suspects that the supernova is not a natural event. One evening Vritet is visited by the Tal Shiar and ordered to leave this line of research alone.

    Picard’s taskforce arrives at Vashti and the inhabitants of the planet welcome the Romulan refugees with ceremony and carnival. Captain Kirsten Clancy from Starfleet HQ is also there with a press crew to record the event as positive propaganda to broadcast to the Federation. That evening, Picard toasts the success with his senior officers on the Verity and thinks it to be one of the happiest days of his life. After all the problems he had overcome, the evacuation seems to be going right.

    Admiral Picard and the Verity remain at Vashti for four months to oversee the offloading of the refugees and the setting up of the new colony.

    The Verity departs Vashti and sets course for Nimbus III. As they leave the colony behind, Picard records in his log that he has a special place in his heart for Zani, the Qowat Milat, and Elnor. He remains in regular contact with Zani.

    Following Viritet’s discovery, the Romulans contact the Federation claiming that Dr Safadi’s research is wrong and that the supernova is not as bad as Cambridge is claiming. They all but accuse Starfleet of faking the data as a prelude to war. Councillor Quest seizes on this claiming that if the Romulans are correct then there is no need to expend so much resources to the evacuation. She calls Dr Safadi to appear before the oversight committee, but Safadi manages to embarrass Quest, making an enemy of her.

    By now, Dr Safadi has also come to suspect that the supernova is not naturally-occurring. She raises it with Lieutenant Haig at Starfleet, but he tells her to stick to the science.

    Picard’s taskforce arrives at Nimbus III, the so-called ‘Planet of Galactic Peace’. The Romulan inhabitants fought hard for their homes there and refuse to leave, believing Starfleet to be liars. As Picard tries to persuade them to leave, the Tal Shiar arrive and take over the evacuation, ordering Picard to leave the planet. Fleet Admiral Bordson contacts Picard and tells him the order has come from the Romulan government and they must obey. Picard returns to the Verity but they remain in orbit while the Tal Shiar fleet forcibly removes the inhabitants of the planet.

    A few weeks later, once the Tal Shiar fleet departs Nimbus III, Lieutenant Koli shows Picard and Raffi evidence that the Tal Shiar had committed a massacre on the surface during the evacuation, while the Verity merely sat by and did nothing. Picard is appalled, but knows that if he had intervened even more lives would have been lost. Koli resigns her Starfleet commission.

    Councillor Quest makes political capital of the massacres on Nimbus III, and soon footage of it is being shown across the Federation. Polling shows that opinion among Federation citizens is moving away from supporting the evacuation and people are questioning whether it is worth it.

    Tajuth is promoted to the rank of a Romulan commander. Picard wonders if the timing is a coincidence, or if it is because Tajuth was involved in helping with the Nimbus III massacre.

    Juarti completes her doctorate in cybernetics.

    Maddox, inspired by Jurati, comes up with a theory of fractal neuronic cloning, the cloning of a single positronic neuron, and using B-4 as a building block. He throws himself headlong into this project and begins to neglect his synth work for Starfleet, and his relationship with Jurati.


    According to estimates by Section 31, this is the year when the Klingon Empire is fully-recovered from the their losses incurred during the Dominion War.

    The situation on Romulus is deteriorating rapidly, yet the Romulan government still refuses to allow Starfleet to assist with any evacuation efforts of the homeworld itself.

    Annoyed by Starfleet’s monopoly of Federation resources, half a dozen Federation planets along the Romulan border threaten to secede from the United Federation of Planets. A motion is proposed in the Federation Council by these worlds to pull back from the Romulan evacuation efforts.

    In response to the growing unrest, Fleet Admiral Bordson and Captain Clancy decide to pull some of the resources from Admiral Picard’s taskforce and divert them to the border worlds. Picard is annoyed and believes that Starfleet Command is merely pandering to the xenophobia of the planets along the border. He believes that saving lives should be paramount above all other concerns.

    The Verity arrives at Yuyat Beta, a planet which the Federation had thought to be uninhabited, but actually contains a Romulan colony. Picard and Raffi beam down to meet the governor, Shiana, who is strangely open and welcoming for a Romulan. Major-Domus Athus shows Picard around and informs him that Yuyat Beta is a farming colony, whose exports dwarf those of much larger worlds. Picard also learns that Yuyat Beta has a native population, the Yuyatis, who the Romulans are planning to leave behind to their deaths. This outrages Picard, causing an argument between himself and Governor Shiana. Picard and Raffi are taken into custody by the Romulans and it is revealed that the mission to Yuyat Beta was a ploy by the Tal Shiar to take control of the Verity. They believe that the evacuation is merely a smokescreen for a slow Federation conquest of the Romulans.

    Picard, Raffi, and the Verity are saved by two Tal Shiar agents, Zhaban and Laris. They had been stationed on Yuyat Beta many years before and had fallen in love. They believe that as Tal Shiar agents, their first duty is to protect Romulan citizens, the very people who the Tal Shair would doom with this gambit to take the Verity. They renounce their allegiance to the Tal Shiar and stand with Picard.

    Having burned their bridges, Zhaban and Laris are now outlaws who the Tal Shiar will never let live if they remain in Romulan territory. Picard offers alternative accommodation and they move to Earth, to live on the vineyard at Chateau Picard in France.

    The Romulan government finally authorises Ambassador Sulde to ask Starfleet for help evacuating Romulus. However, the taskforce will not be allowed to visit the homeworld itself. Instead the evacuation will take place from the nearby planet of Vejuro. Picard is shocked to learn that the Romulans haven’t even begun any evacuation of the population of Romulus yet. Fleet Admiral Bordson puts all Starfleet resources back into the rescue mission.

    Ambassador Spock and his supporters leave Romulus.

    Jae contacts Raffi from Earth to end their marriage. He says that he and Gabe are done waiting and have moved on. Raffi finds a bottle of scotch and gets drunk. Stumbling back to her quarters she encounters Commander Tajuth who is also drunk, having finally seemed to realise the gravity of the threat his planet is facing.

    Arriving at Vejuro, Picard and his taskforce find chaos. There are hundreds of thousands of refugees, with order breaking down and disease and famine spreading. Picard also learns that the majority of the Romulan government and ruling elite have already fled to distant worlds, saving themselves and abandoning their people to their fate.

    Picard’s taskforce sets about organising the evacuation of the refugees from Vejuro. Picard and Tajuth are briefly distracted from this task by Senator Kurrem, who is the feudal lord of a district on the planet. Kurrem believes that the supernova is a Starfleet lie designed to weaken the Romulans and annex their territory, and he refuses to allow any of the half a million Romulan citizens in his territory to leave. Picard and his team evacuate the people without Kurrem’s permission and leave him behind to his fate.

    The Verity and the rest of the taskforce depart Vejuro and set a course for the Qiris sector, where they will take some of the refugees to join the Romulan colony already established on Vashti.

    The taskforce arrives at Vashti and begin disembarking the refugees. Picard pays a visit to the Qowat Milat and takes with him a copy of Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers for Elnor, who is overjoyed to see the admiral again.

    6 April – Commander La Forge boards a transport ship heading from Mars to Earth. He would later realise how fortuitous this was.

    5 April – Rogue A500 synths launch an attack on Mars, setting the planet ablaze and destroying the Utopia Planitia fleet yards, including the rescue armada that is under construction to aid the Romulan evacuation.

    Whilst on Vashti, Picard receives word of the attack, which he calls “Devastating”. He quickly departs Vashti, telling Elnor and Zani that he will see them again soon, but in fact he will not be back for another fourteen years.

    On the transport ship between Mars and Earth, La Forge learns of the attack and thinks about all the friends and colleagues who had been on duty on Mars and are now dead, including Commander Mackenzie, who had returned to Mars from Daystrom at the request of La Forge.

    Fleet Admiral Bordson orders Admiral Picard and his taskforce to return to Earth. The Verity sets a course. En route, Picard and Raffi draft new plans to pull in old ships and retired personnel so that the evacuation can continue. Raffi believes that there is more to the attack than just rogue synths, and wonders if the Tal Shiar are involved, but is unable to discern a plausible motive.

    La Forge visits the Daystrom institute and confronts Dr Maddox about what could have happened. What went wrong? Maddox confesses that he has recently been distracted and working on another project, but that he can’t see how the synths could have gone rogue.

    The Federation Council passes a motion banning all synthetic life within the Federation.

    The Verity arrives at Earth. Picard and Raffi beam down to Starfleet Headquarters and Picard goes into a meeting with the admiralty. Fleet Admiral Bordson tells Picard that the evacuation mission is over. Picard objects but in exasperation, Captain Clancy tells Picard how close they came to the Federation tearing itself apart. There is no longer any enthusiasm for it. Picard threatens his resignation unless they reconsider. Starfleet accepts his resignation.

    Maddox dismisses his team at the Daystrom Institute, telling them they will need to find new specialisms as the Advanced Synthetic Research Division is finished. Dr Jurati is going to remain in the department and continue theoretical work, whereas Maddox departs to find somewhere distant where he can continue his research.

    Picard retires to his chateau in La Barre, France, to live with Zhaban and Laris. He receives a message from Zani on Vashti, but out of guilt he swipes it away and ignores it. He also receives a message from Riker and Troi saying “You did the right thing”. Picard remains at his chateau for the next fourteen years nursing his wounded pride.

    Raffi returns to Starfleet Intelligence. She suspects Tal Shiar involvement in the attack on Mars, but is unable to prove anything and everyone tells her it is just a conspiracy theory. She eventually loses her security clearance and leaves Starfleet. Her life becomes “one long slide into humiliation and rage”. She has lost both her family and her career, so she turns to alcohol and a drug called snakeleaf. She retreats to a small house at Vasquez Rocks to live alone.


    Picard receives the Crystal Planet Award.

    Daughter, the painting by the late Lieutenant Commander Data, is entered into storage in Picard’s section of the quantum archive at the Starfleet Archive Museum. The painting is given the item number 227.67.

    Kestra Troi-Riker is born, the daughter of William Riker and Deanna Troi.

    Picard meets Thad Troi-Riker for the second time and learns that the five-year-old has invented his own language. At the same time, Will Riker tells Picard that he had “no business” retiring.

    Seven of Nine joins the Fenris Rangers, an independent group of peacekeepers who try and maintain a semblance of law and order on both sides of the former Neutral Zone.

    Lieutenant Icheb is serving aboard the USS Coleman. Whilst on leave, he aids the Fenris Rangers.

    Bjayzl infiltrates the Fenris Rangers in an attempt to get close to Seven of Nine. They become “intimate”. From Seven, Bjayzl learns about Icheb and his whereabouts.

    While performing a reconnaissance mission near Daimanta, Lieutenant Icheb is lured into a trap and ambushed by Bjayzl. He is taken to the Seven Domes on Vergessen in the Hypatia system where his Borg components are harvested from his body without the aid of anaesthetics.

    Seven attempts to rescue Icheb but arrives too late. Mortally wounded and in excruciating pain, Icheb pleads with Seven to end his life quickly. In an act of mercy, Seven euthanises Icheb using her phaser at point blank range, while holding him in a final embrace.


    Ambassador Spock plans to pilot a specialised ship, equipped with red matter, with the intent of preventing the Romulan supernova by creating a black hole.

    The Romulan supernova begins, destroying Romulus.


    Cristobel Rios, Executive Officer on the USS ibn Majid, witnesses the death of his captain, seeing “his blood and brains splattered all over the bulkhead”. Following this event, Starfleet erases the ship from their records so that it no longer officially exists.


    Thad Troi-Riker is diagnosed with mendaxic neurosclerosis. In theory this condition is easily curable using an active positronic matrix. However, due to the ban on synthetic lifeforms there are no longer any active synthetic matrices and no new ones can be created.

    Captain Riker and Commander Troi leave the USS Titan and move to Nepenthe with Thad and Kestra, since the soil on the planet has regenerative soil that they hope will help Thad’s condition. Riker and Troi leave active service though they remain on Starfleet’s reserve list.


    Dahj and Soji Asha’s fictional identity is built around this time.

    12 May – Soji Asha claims to have shipped out from Seattle on this day, heading to the Beta Quadrant aboard the Ellison. However, according to Narek, she was not listed on the passenger list.

    Thaddius Troi-Riker dies from the mendaxic neurosclerosis.


    The brother of Narek and Narissa dies unexpectedly.


    Summer – Bruce Maddox goes to Stardust City on Freecloud for a meeting with Bjayzl. His lab has been destroyed by the Tal Shiar using a molecular solvent. Bjayzl had initially lent him the funds to set up this lab but he is now no longer able to repay his debt to her. Bjayzl drugs Maddox and plans to sell him to the Tal Shiar.

    Late Summer – Retired Admiral Picard gives his first interview to the Federation News Network.

    After seeing Picard’s interview, Dahj Asha seeks him out, but she is subsequently killed by Romulan operatives before his eyes.

    Etc Etc…
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    Thanks for putting this together.

    Man, I really hope we see Geordi in season 2!
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    You're welcome!

    Yes, I hope so too.
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    Great summary!

    nice background info on Laris and zhaban.

    if the supernova is not natural I hope it was not Section31. Since S31 is getting their own series I prefer to leave them out of Picard.
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    Suppose that Georgiou doesn't return to the 23rd century, but rather the 24th and the show is set then? :eek:
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    Thank you!

    I agree. I'm not a big fan of the idea of a Section 31 series, or Section 31 themselves, to be honest, so I'd rather they were kept out of Picard.

    Section 31 and the Zhat Vash seem to be the obvious culprits, but it would be nice if there was a twist explanation of some sort.
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    I will only countenance this if they get Alexander Siddig back as Dr Bashir.

    ITDUDE Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

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    It was never a given that it was going to be in 23rd century. Considering USS Discovery is never going back there, ANY century is a possibility, except 23rd ;)
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    Also Worf, Guinan, and Beverly Crusher.

    I don't even mind Wesley showing up as a Starfleet Captain, only to have Picard yelling "Shut up, Wesley!!" to him agin :guffaw::lol::lol:
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    A Section 31 series is not complete without our man Bashir in it.

    Plus his sidekick, a simple tailor named Garak ;);):beer:
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    "Commander Worf is promoted to captain and given command of the Enterprise."

    Was this seriously referenced in one of non-canon tie in works?
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    He is in command in the latest Picard prequel novel.
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    Yes. "The Last Best Hope" has Worf being promoted to captain at the very beginning of the book. No further mention of Worf and the Enterprise are made (other than an occasional nostalgic thinking by Picard--but nothing on the status and mission of the Enterprise after 2381). At one point it was noted Picard has not seen the Enterprise since being promoted to Admiral.
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    Ah okay, I didn't get to read them
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    What I liked about it was how they tied it in with Worf's time on DS9. When Picard recommended him as captain for the Enterprise, Captain Clancy brought up the incident from "Change of Heart" where he chose Jadzia over the mission. Sisko even said that he'd probably never get a command because of it, and if not for Picard he probably never would have.
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    It appears even in the relaunch litverse timeline that he may get a chance to command as well. After his handling of the Nausicaan 'incident' in the last TNG book, "Collateral Damage" and his solution to that Captain Picard indicated Worf will probably get a command after all. Of course, in the litverse timeline Worf has distinguished himself as first officer for years, enough so that what happened on Sukara has been forgiven, if not forgotten.

    That was one of a few nods to the current litverse I noticed in "The Last Best Hope"--that is Worf being first officer of the Enterprise. That wasn't established on screen anywhere, but it was one thing retained. Another was Federation assistance to Cardassia after the Dominion War. That featured prominently in a number of the relaunch novels, esp. early on (not surprising in a way since Uma McCormack also wrote a number of the Cardassian based DS9 novels in the relaunches).
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    If Worf became captain of the Enterprise in 2382 he probably isn't the captain anymore. It's been 17 years. The ship itself is 27 years old. Still in service?

    Interesting details. Thanks for sharing.
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    It’s implied that even Riker had multiple commands after the Titan before he retired. Having Worf be in command of the same ship for 17 years (and that ship being the Enterprise, no less) is quite unrealistic. Now if he was just given command of a brand-new Enterprise in 2399, that would make more sense, if they were planning to both show him in PIC and show an Enterprise.
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    This should be a sticky thread.
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    They could stick to the comic and books or change it, will be interesting to see what stays and what goes.

    Love to see an Odyssey class even if it isn't the Enterprise F, will settle for a refit Enterprise E, the ship is getting on at over 25 years old though.

    Yeah 17 years as a Captain is a long time, it is possible though.