Possible Spoiler Regarding Jacob??!!!

Discussion in 'Lost' started by SAndrews10, Jan 23, 2009.

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    The guy who does mornings on my radio station had actor RAYMOND J. BARRY on his program this morning, who said that he's joining the cast of LOST and that he's just shot his first episode and that it's a long character arc as JACK'S GRANDFATHER??!! Could he BE JACOB???!!
  2. Obiwanshinobi

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    Jan 1, 2003
    very possible. Or he could just be the father of Christian Shepard, who could very well be the son of Jacob. Jacob is collecting all his kin. You might be on to something.
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    Well, "Jack" is a common nickname for "Jacob."

    Was Jack named for his grandfather, Jacob?

    Or freakier still....

    Does Jack end up being Jacob?
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    I get the feeling Jacob is just Jacob. An entity unto himself. If they make it a character we already know or will know and they do it well, that's great.

    But if BSG's final Cylon taught me anything it's that this kind of "Who is Jacob really?" stuff is only bound to end in anti-climax.
  5. IDIC

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    No, It is plainly obvious that Jacob is nothing short of an alien ghost from the future. Are we not even watching the same show? :lol:
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    That's the history of the show. Mysteries are built up and the answer turns out to be mundane. That's why I decided a long time ago to enjoy the ride because we know the answer at the end can, in no way, live up to the hype.
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    Exactly. They seem mundane because we expect too much. However, I don't find any revelations to be mundane as I'm so bewildered by the mysteries that I've given up on trying to predict what's going on!

    And I like it that way. :D

    I nearly gave up on the show at some point during season 3 (It seemed like the writers were dragging their heels, to me), but it didn't take long for my interest to be rekindled. The art of the Slow Reveal is not easy - if the writers aren't careful, things can drag - and at times they have done, IMO. But if done well, a huge, multi-layered and complex story can be opened up piece by piece - and when the show is finally over, I hope that we'll be looking at the whole thing and saying "Wow. Now that was freaking cool!".

  8. m01ety

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    A more interesting question to me is WHY Jacob is the way he is -- that is, non-corporeal.

    I'm starting to think that he may have started out shifting through time, like our heroes -- but something went wrong, so he is literally "unstuck" in time. Which is why we can't see him.

    Or something. ;)