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    Jul 1, 2004
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    Hello all. I was just wondering what podcasts you like to listen to. I got my first smartphone recently and downloaded an app for listening to my podcasts, and I was hoping to add some new ones to my current list based on your suggestions.

    I used to listen to a lot more, but now I am down to only two podcasts that I regularly download or stream. Those are This American Life and RFF Radio (a reality TV podcast). I used to listen to several history podcasts as well, some that I might get back into (such as BackStory).

    I'm really interested to see what kind of topics y'all are following on a regular basis. So, what's on your list?
  2. Ruaidhri

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    Jun 27, 2001
    Ruaidhri...Toronto in body, Philly in spirit!
    Sens Underground
    Too Beautiful To Live

    I'm a little behind on the last two since I've been reading more during my commute to work.
  3. Kelso

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    May 3, 2001
    On the destruct button until the last minute!
    Before my phone was stolen I was listening to The Nerdist and the /filmcast pretty regularly. Trekcast used to be my fave... before the guys got lives and gave up.

    DaHjaj Hol is also fun. :)
  4. Saul

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    Dec 27, 2002
    Kermode & Mayo film reviews
    Frank Skinner
  5. Bob The Skutter

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    Jul 12, 2001
    Bob The Skutter
    This one cannot be said enough times, and Hello to Jason Isaacs.

    Infinite Monkey Cage
    If you like gaming and people cocking around there's always our very own Jim Steele's Gamewank podcast
  6. Delsaber

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    May 13, 2001
    Parts Unknown
    Of the gaming/geekery/"dudes chatting with microphones" persuasion...

    Giant Bombcast.
    Rebel FM.
    The Geekbox.
    Search Engine.
    Behind the Screened Door.

    I also listen to a few music-heavy 'casts...

    CBC Radio 3.
    Alternative Tentacles Batcast.
  7. scnj

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Giant Bombcast - Four (more recently five) of the Giant Bomb editors discuss what games they're playing

    Behind the Screened Door - Two of the Screened.com editors discuss the week's fillm and tv releases and news

    Comic Vine Podcast - Two or three Comic Vine editors review the week's comics

    Destructoid Podcast - Four editors of Destructoid attempt to talk about video games, but go off on offensive tangents. Reoccurring features include Willem Dafoe Film Pitches and "Jonathan Holmes, is it paedophilia or not?"

    SModcast - Scott Mosier talks with a very stoned Kevin Smith about amusing news articles and other nonsense

    Jay and Silent Bob Get Old - Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes discuss past drug use and stories of an adult nature
  8. davejames

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    Oct 6, 2001
    Sac, Ca
    Star Talk Radio Show (with Neil deGrass Tyson)

    The Adam Carolla Show

    The Nerdist (only when they have a good guest like Matt Smith, Patrick Stewart, or JJ Abrams; I find the hosts way too freakin annoying to listen to regularly)
  9. Owain Taggart

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Northern Ontario, Canada
    I only really listen to one regularly, and that's Coverville, a podcast devoted to cover songs. It's been ongoing for years now and it's really good.
  10. tomalak301

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    Mar 2, 2003
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    I listen to mostly sports podcasts, but the non-sports ones I listen to:

    BS Report with Bill Simmons (It's mostly sports, but this last week he had a great interview with Louis CK)

    NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

    NPR's Car Talk

    NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

    Slice of Scifi (Even though I'm getting a little tired of it and some of the dorky segments they've been having)

    a TV podcast with Tim Goodman, former critic of the SF Chronicle

    A Podcast dedicated to Glee

    In terms of Sports, it's a whole lot more:

    The Backhand Shelf (Hockey Podcast with Rob Pizzo and Justin Bourne)

    A 8 minute daily conversation with John Maddan.

    A SJ Sharks Podcast called Dudes on Hockey

    ESPN: Baseball Today

    ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football (And Baseball)

    ESPN: Football Today

    Marek vs. Wyshynski (Hockey, but more obscure Hockey, Podcast)

    Puck Podcast (Weekly Hockey Podcast)

    I love podcasts. It's much better than the repetitive and boring style of radio.
  11. Professor Zoom

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    Sep 16, 2004
    A ton of podcasts, and I'm behind...

    WTF with Marc Maron is pretty great.
    StarTalk with Neil Degrass Tyson
    KCRW's The Business (show business)
    KCRW's The Treatment
    KCRW's Martini Shot
    Science Friday
    The Nerdist
    The Nerdist Writers Panel
    Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
    Escape pod (sci fi)
    Lightspeed Magazine (sci fi)
    The Thrilling Adventure Hour--I HIGHLY recommend this one. It's tales in the style of old time radio. With GREAT stars, Nathan Fillion among them.
    This American Life.
  12. Han(Solo)ukkah

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    Apr 26, 2004
    I just started listening to Judge John Hodgman, which is excellent, and at roughly 20 minutes, each, perfect for my commute.

    While I don't find the hosts annoying, I do listen to the Nerdist only when I like the guest. Their chats with the celebrities really touch upon the guest's history and if I don't know the guest that well, then I don't get much out of listening to them. I tried listening to a few "hostful" podcasts without guests, but they weren't enough to keep me interesting. That being said, Interviews with people like Penn Jillette, Adam Savage, Craig Ferguson, Neil Gaiman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and John Hodgman have been excellent.

    The Nerdist got me interested in Star Talk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I've listened to a few so far, but man, his early co-host Lynn Koplitz is very, very annoying. I'm glad they ditched her in favor of rotating co-hosts. Sometimes, though, I feel they don't go far enough into the science, since they have pre-recorded interviews, which Neil introduces and chats about with the co-host, who is usually a comedian. Still, it's an interesting podcast and I am learning more about the world around me and the universe, which is cool.

    I've listened to NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me podcast for a few years now and love it. There have been times when I've cracked up in my car listening to them.

    I used to listen to le Show with Harry Shearer, but I never loved it. Now that I've found other podcasts, I leave it until I have nothing else to listen to.

    I also listen to the Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast, but like Nerdist, it depends on the subject/guest.

    Every 2 weeks I skip through iFanboy's pick of the week podcast to listen to their thoughts on the comics I bought during my bi-weekly comicbook shop trips. Through them I've listened to Word Balloon and the Aw Yeah podcast. All very entertaining, especially the interview with Mark Waid.

    Speaking of Mark Waid, a few years ago he was on KCRW's Guest DJ Project and I started listening to that podcast, again, depending on the guest. Some of the guests have been interesting to listen to, sometimes for their musical choices, but also for a little insight into their past and their creative process.
  13. Saga

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    Sep 6, 2008
    i listen to Podcast Sentai and sometimes Thoom! i'll listen to Kevin Smith's podcast if he has someone on that i like, such as Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. also, i guess i'd be remiss if i didn't mention i'm part of the Fanholes Podcast.
  14. PsychoPere

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    May 25, 2002
    FilmSpotting, the best movie review podcast I've ever tried. Been listening for at least four years now (show has existed since 2005).

    KCRW's The Treatment, in which movie critic Elvis Mitchell interviews filmmakers (directors, writers, actors, etc.).

    The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, in which Goldsmith (formerly a senior editor with Creative Screenwriting Magazine) interviews filmmakers (directors, writers, actors, etc.).

    Official Xbox Magazine's podcast KOXM Radio.

    And lastly, Oops! All Movies, a movie review podcast that a friend of mine does.
  15. Spot's Meow

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    Jul 1, 2004
    Hotel California
    I'd forgotten to list Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! in my original post. I've been listening to that one for a while now. In searching for interesting podcasts I just discovered a whole bunch from the How Stuff Works website, such as Stuff They Don't Want You to Know (conspiracy theories and mysterious facts), Stuff Mom Never Told You, Stuff You Never Learned in History Class, etc. They are actually quite interesting and informative.
  16. tomalak301

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    Mar 2, 2003
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    Wait Wait is coming to TV on BBC America this Friday. Just thought you and other fans might want to know.
  17. Obiwanshinobi

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    Jan 1, 2003
    In alphabetical order on my iPod:

    Adam Carolla Show
    Bill Burr's podcast
    Comedy Bang Bang
    Deathsquad TV
    Doug Loves Movies
    ESPN BS Report
    Far Out podcast
    The Film Vault
    Firewall and Iceberg podcast
    Fitzdog Radio
    Girl on Guy w/ Aisha Tyler
    How Did this get made?
    The Indoor Kids
    Joe Rogan Experience
    Kevin Pollack's Chat Show
    Lavender Hour
    Loveline AfterDisaster
    Low Budget FM
    Making It w/ Riki Lindholm
    Mohr Stories
    The Nerdist
    There will be Spoilers
    WTF podcast w/ Marc Maron

    keep in mind if the app youre talking about is Stitcher some of these shows may not be on there.