[Podcast] Synthaholics Episode 176: Spotting Dax

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    Synthaholics Podcast Episode 176: Spotting Dax

    Who’s a character we haven't really spent a ton of time talking about? Well that would be Jadzia Dax! We feel like this character was underutilized and so our doing our first Spotting Dax Episode. This week we look briefly at the Star Trek Deep Space Nine pilot Emissary before jumping into the first Dax centric episode called…. you guessed Dax. Not really any news to talk this week but we do discuss what it may be like to live on in another body humanoid or otherwise! I hope you have some slug symbiont juice nearby, it’s time for your weekly shot of Star Trek.

    To listen to the show and for full show notes follow the below link.

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