Please premier the next Star Trek movie in America first!

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by T J, May 1, 2013.

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    Wholeheartedly agree! That's the most important thing... that and that it's really good. Hell, we can get last in November. as long as it's a great story. Hope you enjoy it and know I'm happily jealous.
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    For the first time since the Avengers, I feel lucky for once to be in the UK.

    Tomorrow at 13:30.

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    Mar 20, 2013
    Can't say it's a weakness per se as foreign box office (last I read) generally accounts for about 1/4-1/3 of worldwide box office which is how it played out for 2009's Star Trek [Of course there are some very notable exceptions to that of which Star Wars episodes I-III and the Lord of the Rings trilogy are examples].

    Having said that, always room for improvement.

    I would, but that is based largely on past performance and competition. Fast and Furious VI is also a strong performer and Iron Man 3 is still going pretty strong. Crowded field.

    Agreed. It's kind of sad though ... it's like if new seasons of Doctor Who started premiering in America first - just not right. ;)

    Um, except that in-and-of itself would represent a "much higher" foreign box office. A 50-50 worldwide B.O. would be huge over a normal haul of 25-35% foreign. Star Trek Into Darkness topping out around the 40% may be more plausible.

    Money. :techman:

    Good point to ponder though piracy, in my opinion, is a bit of a straw dog by the entertainment industrial complex.

    Anyway, I just think it has much more to do with (as others have said or alluded to) building up foreign box-office and Hollywood's long ago move to a more global business model (not having all their eggs in one basket).
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    Well, yes, but the point I was after is more money by what means, exactly?
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    I was speaking to the question of the foreign take being much higher than the domestic, and I still don't believe we're likely to see that sort of giant leap in international box office numbers. I think Paramount might be quite happy with a 40% overseas figure, which is indeed plausible, when compared to previous breakdowns* (and if they see 45% they may well be ecstatic.)

    *** . U.S. . International
    TUC . (77.3%) . (22.7%)
    GEN . (64.1%) . (35.9%)
    FC ... (63.0%) . (37.0%)
    INS .. (62.3%) . (37.7%)
    NEM ..(64.3%) . (35.7%)
    ST ... (66.8%) . (33.2%)

    Numbers from Box Office Mojo​
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    Should debut on the same day all over the world.

    I've had to avoid reading the paper, looking at the internet for weeks now.

    At last its over for me at least
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    Films rarely do this because distributors like to aim their films at appropriate holiday seasons to maximise profits. Some countries have four school terms, others have three, or two semesters.

    If every US "summer season" film came out in Australia simultaneous with the US, we'd only ever see blockbusters Down Under in the dead of winter. Our own Aussie summer movies would air in the USA when many people were snowed in.