Plasma, Magnetic Flux, and Quanta

Discussion in 'Trek Tech' started by Johnny7oak, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Dec 14, 2015
    So there is that relationship that plasma and magnetic flux cuase some cool looking coils and reactionary release of quanta sometimes almost a glow. I would surmise that a lot of treknology was based on that interaction and wonder if the television itself is plasma gas manipulated by an induction process quantified and rhythmic almost of electron flow to generate the pictures in clear quality. I don't know the process, but maybe the relationship held merits in deflector, phasers, shields, medical scanners, and dermal regenerators amongst other things.

    I think communications could be done with inner-ear hearing aid inserts and blu-tooth.
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    There is, I think, something called “Cherenkov radiation" that emits a blue glow.