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    Klingons in Disco was abit over done, and kinda dont want to delve in to them to much with a Pike series, but could have an episode or small arc with his "nemesis" in the comics, Kaaj, son of Torg, a ship captain with a withered arm.. ( hmm could have an amputie play him.. ) He had a personal war with Pike.. be interesting to see a blood debted Klingon going after him.
    Also maybe the Ngultor.. a species with organic ships.. havent seen many of those in Trek, Insectoid race. maybe have an arc or movie about Pike driving off an invasion.. be neat to see the Enterprise ensnared in tenticles :)

    Or Colt's visit into the Well of Tommorow, give a chance for a jump ahead to some time, maybe not movie era, maybe discovery era? :)
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    A mix of new stories and stories that set up or reference what comes in future series.
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    My biggest head scratcher is why did they have to go to the future, if Control was completely neutralized in the present before they left?
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    I think a plot thread from TOS could be picked up here. Have Pike's Enterprise be one of the ships responding to the aftermath of the cloud creature's attack on the Farragut, and a Lt. Kirk in charge of the Farragut by then. A key feature if an episode of this would be a pep talk (speech) from Pike to Kirk.
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    It would work for other series just as well, but I'd love to see some departures from the common TV episode format.

    We know woefully little about how news media in the Federation works, for example; we've seen the news crews at the Enterprise-B's launching ceremony and Jake Sisko writing stories for a news agency, but we've never ever seen the end result (i mean, we saw the Klingon broadcast of Kirk & McCoy's show trial, but it was just a few seconds of raw footage). I'd love to take a page from Babylon 5's playbook and have an episode like And Now For a Word (Season 2, Episode 15), framed as a television broadcast of one of the Federation's news channels, exactly as it would air, complete with news tickers, pop-up ads for later shows, and of course occasionally switching back to the studio for commentary. A news crew would follow the Enterprise's crew around for some notable occasion, and they'd catch glimpses of their everyday life as well, interview some of the crew members and so on.

    I can totally see the reporter interviewing Pike trying to get tough on the questioning and begin drilling him about Discovery which he would flat-out refuse to answer, and then we'd briefly cut back to the studio with the presenter (and maybe some talking heads) commenting about his suspicious behavior, offering their wildly inaccurate theories about what happened to that ship. The studio segment could even include some brief segments of earlier interviews from grieving family members of the crew doubting the official story, a refresher of Starfleet's official stance, ending with a forceful and manipulative statement from the presenter like "Parents like Siobhan Tilly are still waiting for the answers they deserve."
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