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Cute picture of dog makes me want a dog now!!

I'll just have to remind myself how much the cats would hate this.

Also, is Finn a beagle?
The real Finn
I love dogs with stuffed animals!

I'll see your Beagle, and raise you a black Lab.

My wife just sent me a text with this picture attached:


She's making me a cake!
Posted before, but I'll play a straight flush and win the Internets with my own little beagle.

Pft. Y'all and your pure-breeds. I see those and I raise you a big beautiful mutt! She's like several dogs in one! :D


Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark



Love it! :lol: My dopey dog would have eaten the hat before I could take a photo.

BJ, some of the sweetest, most beautiful dogs I've met are mutts. We got a purebred dog this time for various reasons, but our other dogs have always been rescues of dubious parentage.
I'll see your dogs, and raise you a cat:


(I'm not a cat person at all, but I'm stuck with them since they came in a package deal with my wife. At least Spike, the cat pictured, photographs well.)
cute cat. what's that on his ears? is it natural markings or something else? looks like pen marks ???

As far as I know, natural markings. He, and our other cat, Cherry, were both rescues from the local humane society (my wife got them just before we started dating about eight years ago), and Spike has always had those marks on his ears (they're reflected on the outer side, too).
Cats are tattooed on their ears here if they are spayed. All my cats have ear tattoos, so I assumed it was that.

I'll admit I've wanted a beagle since Enterprise. I always thought they were bigger but apparently that's a bog standard beagle size which is perfect for me. I've heard they are a bit hyper and need a lot of training though? There is only one beagle in my neighborhood and he seems very nice.
The American Kennel Club recognizes two different types of beagles: the 13-inch variety and the 15-inch variety. British and Canadian kennel organizations recognize just one type apiece which covers both of the AKC definitions.

They're terrific with kids, have great temperaments and personalities and are probably the perfect dog if I do say so myself. They're not too small and not too big. They're not passive and not aggressive(unless, of course, an insensitive and uncouth owner or breeder raises them to be that way) and their short coats require precious little maintainance aside from the occasional bath. I'd recommend getting one if you have the opportunity. I don't have any children so my beagle is like my kid. She's my baby. :)

Note on training: my dog isn't hyper per se but beagles, as hounds, are capable of piercing howls when they get lonely or upset. If loud yelps and howls aren't for you then a beagle might not be your kinda pooch, but mine doesn't howl too often. And make sure you housetrain them as soon as possible if you get one as a puppy, because their noses are exceptionally powerful and if they smell where they've made a boo-boo and you haven't trained them yet they'll keep going on the same spot.
I've heard of cat's being marked through ear tipping, or tattooed, to let people know that they are fixed. But I've only heard of it being done in a TNR situation. Maybe some shelters do that when they fix them, even if they are going to be adopted out?

Our cat was adopted from a rescue but doesn't have any markings like that.
Oh if I was going to get a dog I'd definitely be researching beagles. They seem to have dropped off the radar here, every other person now owns a staffy (which I'm not fond of at all). My cats absolutely loath dogs however. The older two acclimatized quite well to a third cat but I cannot imagine them ever putting up with a dog. That said if someone offered me a housetrained beagle I would be very tempted.
Beagles are wonderful dogs. They have a terrific sense of humor. Here is Bean (AKA The Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy of Company Three), lounging:

After the poor little dude got stung by a wasp :( :

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