Picard was right, Sisko was in the wrong..

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    Admiral Hanson said that they had the armada assembled 24 hours ahead of the Borg's ETA, but it's possible that he was just giving a projection and the ships hadn't all gathered at Wolf 359 yet.

    And there's also the possibility that the ships that arrived may have overtaxed themselves to get there so fast, and needed time to repair any damages done in the process. Like how the USS Sutherland's system kept failing in "Redemption" when Data was in charge and they didn't even have a full crew.
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    Yeah I mentioned this in a another thread, they even had a kid on an oberth class ship on one ep. (though to be fair, it was an S.S. ship not U.S.S. ship if memory serves, so it was prob. operated by a civilian group.) I just think Starfleet was way over optimistic at the time. They probably thought that peace with the klingons and the romulans while being dangerous were not threatening war, that eventually they would make peace with the romulans and major conflicts would be a thing of the past.