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    Again, businesses don't spend money continuing to build a product that is a confirmed failure. There is no way that CBS's shareholders would continue to pour 8 million an episode into a franchise that was failing. If you think they would just because it's star trek, then you have zero understanding of how businesses actually work.

    The Orville is a good show too. Not perfect, and a little derivative but fun to pass the time. I'm lucky I like both new trek and the orville. So much sci fi for me to enjoy without feeling the need to hate on one or the other.
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    I think there is room in Trek for all those. The Orville hasn't gripped me like DSC or PIC but I'm glad it exists.
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    Streaming services usually don’t reveal viewing figures. Usually they just tell you how many subscribers there are.

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    Dollars to donuts, Discovery Season 3 is coming in May, just in time for this one month free promotion to end end of April for those who signed just this week. You heard it here first :)
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    Anyone who's taken up this offer can get another free month added. Under Subscription & Billing, enter the code ENJOY to double your free trial.

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    That means Discovery Season 3 has been delayed a month into June probably...
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    I'm already paying for the service, but I decided to give it a shot just for fun, and it actually gave me a free month, too. My next billing date went from April 29 to May 29. So it looks like this code applies to paying subscribers, too.
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