News Peter Capaldi being awesome again

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Captaindemotion, Dec 28, 2017.

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    This isn’t a reference to PC’s wonderful performance in his farewell Doctor Who episode but to another example of him being a lovely, kind man. Schoolteacher turned author Brian McGilloway posted the following tweet:

    In a neat touch, Peter dated the letter 23 November 1963.

    McGilloway has also since revealed that Peter wrote a more personal letter to his other son, which he hasn’t shown online.

    Also, lest we think that Capaldi has a monopoly on being brilliant, Brian told today’s Irish News newspaper that he also met Christopher Eccleston earlier this year; around October, Chris face-timed the family as The Doctor!
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    I saw this earlier today. I love these kinds of stories where actors do small acts of kindness in the vein of the characters that make them famous. Goes to show yet again that Peter Capaldi is a wonderful person.
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    Wow, now that deserves getting framed. Love the Dalek envelope.