News Peggy Lipton of "The Mod Squad" dies at 72.

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    I saw this tonight, as I scanned the news before heading to bed. How sad! The Mod Squad was the one of the first "grown-up" shows I remember watching. I was very small, and didn't really understand it at first, but loved the theme song and would sing it around the house. Only later, when I was a little older, did I appreciate it for what it was--a light bit of action-entertainment, but also one of the first to introduce to "counter-culture" to the mainstream TV audience. To have a multi-racial cast playing police officers and one of them was a woman (gasp!)--for its time, it was revolutionary.

    From Variety & NBC News:
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    Sad news. Really loved Mod Squad when I was a kid.
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    Never saw Mod Squad, but she was great as Norma on Twin Peaks.
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    Aw, no. :(
    I'm doing a Mod Squad rewatch, as it happens. Got a s5 episode qued up for lunch today.
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    Entropy sucks...

    I never heard she was Rashida Jones mother. Looking at the pictures it seems she was always a beautiful woman.
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    I loved Mod Squad as a kid (I was ten when it first aired and I think 16 when it ended). We lived in California at the time and I thought she was so pretty and how cool was it to have young people as The Fuzz.

    The counter-culture was all around you in California. I had a sister who was 6 years older, so knew more than I normally would have at ten about it. She had a friend write to her (no iPhones then and I'm not sure where that friend lived), wanting her to go up to Haight-Ashbury with her, but my snoopy mother intercepted it (she regularly read our mail until I was around 15 or so and started bitching about it ) and shitcanned it and my sister never saw it.

    Heh. In the case of Haight-Ashbury, I really can't blame Mum for her reaction.
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    RIP, Peggy Lipton. :( She seemed like a quiet, introverted person, which is unusual for an actor.
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    Every guy my age had a crush on her.
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