Output of type X vs XII vs Phaser Lance

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    Jun 9, 2004
    Anyone come up with some fun numbers to look at?

    Anything good enough for realistic comparison, for game mechanics?
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    May 23, 2015
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    I remember laser lances from the Terran Trade authority--not Trek
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    The Type X phaser array on the Galaxy class seems capable of outputting 100 000 TW per second (or about 23.9 megatons per second - though lets' round it up to 24) when you look at how DITL describes them (but those explanations are much more consistent compared to the Technical Manual that only gives them a few GW output - which compared to a single photon torpedo would be thousands of times smaller and doesn't really make any sense).

    As for Type XII... there is no canonical statement regarding these phasers... and as far as we know, nothing has been mentioned about XII phasers being in use on starships (let alone the Sovereign class).
    However, given the aspect of technological progression and doing more with less, it stands to reason that if XII were indeed used on starbases before (and we have really no confirmation on this at all), then eventually a starship would be able to house them as well with phaser arrays being made of better materials and more powerful warp cores that fit into the same frame (the Galaxy class for instance received a more powerful warp core in later seasons which also allowed the ship to achieve higher Warp speeds - and probably even churn out more firepower through the phasers - possibly by 50% to twice as much more - although this is speculation).

    Regarding the power output of XII though - that I don't know.
    Considering the type of damage DS9 was able to incur with its own phasers on enemy fleets (albeit shown at the time without shield FX for the sake of saving rendering times), they might be on the scale of about 3 to 5 times more powerful... or even 10 times more powerful.

    Some people think very linearly when it comes to technological development, even though it is currently exponential... but what people also fail to realize is that the more scientific and technical a society becomes, there is an acceleration of acceleration occurring, which could actually indicate something called 'quadratic' development (especially for a culture as the Federation - in which case, XII phasers could be far more powerful)