"One Way Out"

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    Jul 16, 2001
    Anyone catch this on Discovery the other night?

    It's a new series on Discovery where, I assume, every episode an "Escapologist" (read: Magician who specializes in daring escapes) comes up with a nutty escape plan and tasks an engineer to design it for him. Meanwhile the Escapologist tries to plan for what he thinks the engineer will do.

    In this episode the Escapologist has an office-escape fetish where he's restrained in a flooding office and has to pick a lock on the exit door to get out before he runs out of air. So the engineer sets off to design the office/escape (trying to make an "office" inside a cargo container and build it so that it can withstand the huge volume of water) and the magician -excuse me "Escapologist" tries various ways he precieves he'll be restrained, works on holding his breath for a longer time and even tries a daring under-water escape in his bathroom (all with the aide of his cameraman/buddy.)

    The Escapologist looks like Lex Luthor v.A young Michael Rosenbaum.

    It was acutally a pretty good show, I enjoyed it. Anyone else happen to catch it?