Once Upon A Time Season 3

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    That's why I mentioned the on-screen bit. It really doesn't matter what the producers allegedly said or not. On-screen evidence leaves plenty of room for it to have been someone else. Besides, it's not like the Tinkerbell that was helping Regina out at the time was the most competent of faeries anyway.
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    I never really saw much chemistry between her and Robin Hood to begin with, frankly. So the fact that relationship seems to be over doesn't really bother me that much.

    And the producers have already said they won't be taking Regina back to her evil Season 1 self. It's likely they just realized the character is a lot more fun when she's got that darker, angrier edge to her.

    Besides, after all the people she killed or cursed or squashed during her time as the Queen, I'm not so sure she deserves a totally happy ending anyway.
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    Despite what the producers intended at the time, the series is an evolving story, and given that we never saw the face of Regina's soulmate, the producers can always change it up should they have a better idea. A new love for Regina may never come about, but there is some wiggle room after they are done playing around with a heartsick Regina storyline.
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    Regina is just striking out at her step grand daughter/co-parent because Emma appears to have her "happily ever after" and Regina doesn't ... yet.

    What she needs is a heart to heart with Snow White, her step daughter, on having faith that if Regina & her soulmate are meant to be together, they will end up that way.

    What better obstacle to place in her path than a returned wife.

    Who knows, maybe she and Robin had a "row" and Marian left their home in the forest to live back home with mom & dad. Robin felt guilty about the "row" and that she went missing while living with his ex-inlaws.

    Recall, Marian kept her mouth shut so Regina didn't know who was being executed in her prison. That suggests mom & dad never found out why their daughter didn't come home one day. For all her parents knew a wolf could have taken her life or she could have run off with a dread pirate.

    As for consequences, if Regina even understood Swann's motivations for bringing Marian back... i.e not to screw up the timeline again, she might have been more specific with Emma.

    "Miss Swann, you assumed that Marian would die in my prison the next day. But what if she didn't? What if her parents arrived and ransomed her? Or if she admitted who she was and told me where Snow was and I spared her little pathetic life? What if her death in the prison affected another prisoner and he changed his mind and confessed his part in Snow's disappearence, thereby allowing me to commute HIS sentence?

    Then by removing Marian from my dungeon you HAVE altered the time line, the one thing you claimed you were trying to avoid in the first place. Lets hope my broken heart is the only casuality of this action."
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    Rule 1: The Doctor Lies. If they feel like retconning or changing their minds or saying "Oh really it means this" they certainly could.

    Great couple episodes; except for the last 2 minutes or so (basically after Robin and Regina walk into Granny's) it could have been a very satisfying series finale with the bookending nature of things. Loved the Princess Leia disguise and Disney working that multimedia empire to make us smile. Glad also to see Red have more of a role; since Meghan Ory's show was unfortunately canceled, maybe we'll get to see her have a bigger role next season? Wouldn't mind seeing Belle or, to be completely honest, the Charmings step back a bit.

    No opinion one way or the other on the new villain; haven't seen Frozen, but it does seem just a bit too... obvious.
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    If was fun, but the cliffhanger was "ehh".
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    Once Upon A Time!

    Why, why, do you keep doing this to me, why do you get me to laugh, cry and scream out my frustration... every...single... episode... And oh, boy, so much more at the ending of this episode.

    Damn you for making me love this show more and more!

    And not to forget:

    "We have to rescue Princess Leia."
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    So, suddenly Storybrooke is "home". When did everyone decide not to go back to the enchanted forest?
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    Woah. Totally blown away by the cliffhanger. I knew they were going to have to end by introducing a new Big Bad who was locked away in Rumple's vault that they accidently brought back with them and I was wracking my brain to guess it;

    It looked like a genie's lamp so I thought they were gonna do the Wonderland tie-in.

    Then they showed a blue liquid and I still couldn't guess.

    Then they showed a blonde in a light blue dress and I thought 'woah. CINDERELLA is the new Big Bad?!"

    Then she shot an ice blast!

    I never thought in a million years it would be that! Well done!
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    Probably once they recovered their memories of the year spent back there between curses, they realized the positive aspects of Storybrook living...electricity, automatic ice makers, Netflix & penicillin. ;)
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    Ms. Swan did really change the timeline by rescuing Marian and bringing her to Storybrooke. There's no what-if.

    Who knows if Regina is going back to her evil ways, but I think she's more likeable simply as a badass character, not as an evil, vicious witch out to kill people or destroy lives.
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    Whatever the Queen is planning now, is a hundredth the reaction that is going to come to pass once Regina gets her heart back... I never thought it off before that Regina's Christian name was not changed by the curse, but after noting that they gave the new baby prince the wrong name... "Neal" was just an alias Baelfire used for a century or so.

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    But she already has her heart "back". :confused:
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    But Regina told Robin about her soulmate with the tattoo. If it would really be a "gang thing", I think Robin had pointed it out to her: "Two of my people have got the same tattoo, you know. So, maybe it is not me".

    I'm not so sure about the importance of legends either. The series doesn't care much about consistency, for instance the story of how Captain Hook sold his boat to be with Snow White's daughter is a hole new approach ;).

    Yes, I thought so, too. Maybe it wasn't shown onscreen. I honestly don't remember. But I think it's safe to say that she took her heart back after Zelena was defeated.
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    Robin and Regina were talking in the happy bliss, and one of them (I'm pretty sure it was Robin) specifically stated she had it back
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    They gave him an American name, so he will have success in the new country. ;)
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    Yeah, he asked her what it was like having her heart back and she said it was strange but good (or something like that).
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    No -- not necessarily. To her husband & everyone, Marion was indeed dead.

    Regina, when she found out about the escape, might have publicly stated that Marion was dead.

    I don't mind the real conflict with Emma & Regina..now that the "savior" justed ruined something good
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    Whatever caused Robin to believe that Marian was dead, it had nothing to do with her being captured by Regina and sentenced to die. Adam and Eddy flat-out said this in an interview they did with TVLine yesterday.
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    Well, maybe not Netflix - the sheriff's office is still using Betamax after all.